NRS Dry Bags

anyone else finding that the new models of the NRS “Sea Stow” dry bags are crap?

Our old ones lasted and lasted, and one of my daughters gave us three new ones, (all different sizes, and expensive) for Christmas, and on all of them the sides at the folds are showing cracks so bad that we don’t dare use them after only a months use.

If anyone knows where I can get the old style I would appreciate it if you would let me know.



My wife sent NRS an e-mail, and we are eagerly awaiting to hear their response

Well, look at it this way. The old ones
probably had high levels of lead in them.

Crap - you’ve got it
I’m not sure if mine are Dri-Stow or Sea-Stow, but they cracked after a few weeks use (my son gave me two for Christmas a year ago).

I plan to contact NRS about this - seems like they should stand behind them. Has anyone talked to them?

Can anyone recommend a clear dry bag that lasts? I really like being able to see what’s where in the bag.


Transparent material

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has long had problems wit crackin' 'specially in cold conditions. Nature o' de beast, which be why ah' never buys see-troo dry bags.


Clear Dry Bags
Most clear dry bags get stiff in cold and seem less hardy than coated fabric bags such as the Gaia.

That being said, I’d found the NRS Ricksack (sp?) bags to be hardy.

Watershed. Stamp out rolltops.

I have some that are fine
they haven’t been used in Cold conditions (anything below 20F, but they have seen a lot of use.