NRS Dry Pants and Boots....

Anyone got an opinion on the these 2 items?



I’m considering asking for these items for Xmas for use on mild water (class 1+ max) during the late Fall, Winter and early Spring fishing expeditions. We stick to calm water during the chilly months, working deep pools and wintering-over holes favored by Smallmouth, so the chance of a dump is pretty remote. (Although I do carry a full change of clothes and emergency gear to stay on the bank overnight…we ain’t stupid!) We also don’t get crazy with weather extremes. Temps in the low 50’s with water in the high 40’s is about my limit. Windy days will keep me off the water as well. I figured for the occasional step out of the boat at lunch and putin’s and take outs… this will probably be all I need.

Thoughts, suggestions, and alternatives will be appreciated and considered.

(Yes, I checked the Archives first)

… A friend of mine has the boots, and he loves them. I would have a pair myself if I had the money.

… I am going to save up for a pair of these, and a dry suit, so I can paddle “next winter”!

Happy Paddling!

Personally, I DON’T Like Those

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I like the ones with more support, the Marsh Boots. They're a bit more expensive, but they're warmer and I've swam in them (in February, so it WASN'T planned) and they only got a bit damp inside. Had them for 3 or 4 years now. Cabela's carried hem for awhile, but I don't think they do anymore, you need the ones that cinch at the top. As for pants, I layer, I wear nylon, then heavy rain pants over those and stay warm enough here in the Ozarks. I tuck both pairs of pants in the Chotas, cinch them, and I'm "Good to go." Hope that helps! Here's a link, scroll down to the Nunavat's or Marsh Boots, they're $99. BTW, they're 'ol Cliff Jacobson's favorite too. WW

Oh, BTW Re Nunavat II’s et al
I did OWN the NRS boots, only product of theirs I DON’T like. But, seems to likes his, as does SCkayaker, who I sold mine to. Wore them twice, and they caused a rash on my ankles due to my neoprene allergy. The Nunavats DON’T break me out, go figure. If you scroll down, the Nunavat’s and Nunavat II’s pretty much the same. WW

Just learn about CS & HypoT
Just learn about cold shock and hypothermia and decide for yourself if that is acceptable risk for you. Water in high 40’s, if whole body including neck and head go under can cause gasp reflex, with a host of secondary reactions, also you can lose feeling and use of hands within 10 minutes. Basically, many here have some common ground with using neoprene and covering groin, armpits, neck and head to prevent this reaction. Some would use drysuit in that water temp not all.

It is a hassle, as small probability high lethality situations are the hardest to self assess. Two of the better more personal non-alienating sites are:

Thanks for the input
and the alternate suggestions. You can never have too much info.

As I said, we spend most of our time on shallow running rivers. If I do dump, chances are it’s only going to be in 2 feet of water or less. Shore is only 30 yards away in most sections of the Shenandoah. I’m just looking for something that will get me to shore in just about 2 mintues or less. I fish with a guy who wears a ‘farmer john’ and it takes him a good 30 minutes to get ‘suited up’ and changed when we start and finish. Others who wear the waders, can barely get their feet into the cockpit, let alone reach anything and get something out of the bow. It just won’t fit between their feet with the big wading shoes they wear.

And underware will NOT be the only thing I wear under those pants either.

Thanks for the links!
Thanks for the links. It is interesting and sobering info. As I had been a Scoutmaster with the Boy Scouts, we taught Hypothermia to the boys. I was well aware of it.

But… I wondered just how much protection my Farmer John, and semi dry top would give. I see not a lot if the water was really cold. Some, but not enough if I was tired, and missed getting back into my Kayak the first time. I see I need to save up for a dry suit, and head protection, for “Next Winter”. I’m done for this season.


Pass it on, as a friend did for me, I had the same reaction you did!

I have the Endurance Pants…
and I really like them. I wear them both for touring and whitewater, and have no complaints. They are very light and comfortable, and don’t leak even when sitting in a puddle of water. They also look, decent, so you don’t have to change when you get to the water.