NRS Extreme Drysuit owners

Seem to be the best deal for me as a replacement suit. I have a few questions,

How long can you float in waters around 40 degrees? Any leakage from the seams zippers or fabric? Comfort when paddling? Decent for swimming? Thanks.

Issues with NRS Extreme
I am somewhat familiar with the suit, don’t own but did use a few times in a class. No tunnel for skirt = leakage where skirt meets front entry zipper. Not much, but some. Breathes OK, not Gore-Tex, but it does help keep the clamminess to a minimum, especially in the “shoulder season” when air is warm, water is not. If you haven’t already decided on the suit, or ruled out any others, I would recommend looking at the Palm Stikene suit. A little more cash, still way less than a Kokatat Gore Tex, with relief zip, skirt tunnel, booties, much better quality rear entry zip and better breathability. And 4 ply, better quality material for the shell. IMHO.

I’m happy with mine
I taken a few unintended swims in WW with mine, the longest maybe 100 yards and 3 or 4 minutes.

I’ve gone swimming in it just for the heck of it only once, only for a minute or so just to say that I went swimming.

A handfull of rolls and much crashing through holes.

Zero leakage from zippers, seams or fabric.

I’ve never owned a Gore-tex dry suit, so I can’t dirrectly compare breathabilit. However after a few hours of sea kayaking my inside layers seem to be no more or less damp than those of people wearing Gore-tex.

I do wish it had a tunnel to mate with a skirt, because the zipper and its reinforced edges do form a channel for water to get into the boat. Not a lot, but some.

The zipper is somewhat stiff and bulky, so you need to find the right way to “tuck” it under your skirt and PFD, but once you find the right tuck it poses no problems (for me at least, your experience may be different).

I have had no comfort problems, no binding, no chafing.

NRS Drysuit
While I haven’t tried the NRS Drysuit, I do own the Palm Sidewinder Torrent and have been wearing it for a year in San Francisco Bay and the Coast and have had no leaks and am totally satisfied with the product and the cost.


Tropos Meridian
Is what I use - cheaper than most, breathable though not as heavy a material as the regular Kokatat suits. But, it does come with a spray skirt tunnel, latex seals on neck and wrists, attached booties, and relief zip and is quite comfy and less than $500.


My second season in NRS Extreme
Wore it for 5 hours in 50 degree water doing swift water rescue training and felt comfortable all day. Swam with it twice this fall, 55 degree water, 40 degree air temp, and just as dry as can be. I’d buy another one in a Minnesota minute, eh?

with a name like tsunamichuck
I’d think you’d have a sponsor & free drysuits by now!

I own one and I have
floated and swam in a river that have to be close to 32 because parts of it were frozen. I did this for 20 min and had no problem with it leaking and what I wore under it kept me warm. I just got back from 6 days kayaking in Alaska were it rained each day and I did not have any problems with it. The zipper is stiff but workable and with a little zipper wax it was much better. I have never had any water leak in. I guess the skirt could be a problem but anyting else I have worn did not mate to the skirt either so it is no big deal to me.

I like it and would buy another one.

Happy Extreme owner here
Mine has been totally leak free since purchase. I’ve spent maybe 10 minutes swimming just to check for leakage. Comfort while paddling is good, unless you pee yourself… unfortunately, it is water tight both ways. I kept thinking: “Sing pees in his, so I guess it won’t be a problem, right?” Then I remembered it was his WETsuit he pees in :frowning: (DOH! Stupid details!) The fabric is pretty coarse and thick compared to others, but I think it will be more durable as a result. The zipper is pretty tight but some wax helps greatly (as mentioned above.)

Have had mine for a few seasons
Hi chuck. No leakage from zipper. The zipper is heavy duty and requires some pull to close but once it is shut it is dry. I have never treated the zipper with anything and it appears to be fine. I hardly ever rinse the salt water off. The suit remains in my vehicle when not in use. Like all my other paddling gear. Too lazy to bring it in and hang it up. What for? Just going to be dragging it back up the stairs in a day or two anyways. Life is too short to have to run up and down the stairs each time I want to go paddling. Right? So I can say the suit holds up well to dumb people that are tough on their gear. Three seasons in the back of the jeep and no interior delamination. Wish the jeep would hold up as well.

I have been wearing a paddle jacket over the sprayskirt to minimize leakage at the skirt when I know skirt tube will be submerged. Over kill maybe but I cant afford a good tuliq(sp).

I do 0 maintenaince and have had 0 issues. Probably need a neck gasket before too long because this one is starting to decompose. My bad for not tending to it earlier. Looks like a chemical reaction is eating it. Should have treated the gaskets. Too lazy.

Breathablilty is nearly 0 like every other drysuit made. :slight_smile: I tend to paddle hard so I dress lightly underneath (enough for water temp comfort) and develope a slight coating of moisture on the outside of my undergarments. Never been a problem. Yesterday I was out in 50 water-50air for 3 hours and went swimming a couple of times. socks still dry. A little dampness on my shirt and pants.

I bought the nrs because it appeared to be a very good value (I paid $425) for a tough drysuit. It has not disappointed me.

Thanks Scott
I like my old nylon Kokatat just fine but it is now too tight on the shoulders. Hope your neck is better in time for a post T-Day paddle. Ordered a suit from Outdoorplay. Should be here soon.