NRS Extreme Drysuit

Does anyone out there have an NRS Extreme drysuit? I’m seriously considering ordering one next month when the relief zipper and socks are available, but I’d like to get some feedback and opinions.

The socks will be latex. Any thoughts on advantages or disavantages of latex versus the same fabric as the rest of the suit for the socks?

Socks Waterproof?
The only question I would have had - we have GoreTex socks in our drysuits and it works well. The latex at the ankle is a real pain to get off if you aren’t very limber and have larger feet, which means they are often more annoying for guys than women.


extreme booties
I also have an extreme drysuit on order. I am a NRS dealer and am told the booties will be made of the suit material, not latex, as suggested in one of their catalogs.

bootie material
I e-mailed NRS speciffically to ask them about the bootie material. The reply I got was that they were going to be latex. Text of the e-mail follows:


Those booties will be made from Latex.

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Will the booties be the same Triton material as the rest of the suit, latex,

or something else?

bootie in question
I thought the suit material sounded like a better choice for booties, but I have no personal experience with either. I have asked the reps twice about latex or fabric and both times I was told it would be the fabric not the latex. I guess we’ll see shortly.

What is quality of zip and how flexible?
My dealer said the NRS suit is nice but meant mor for raft folks, i.e., kayakers may find it binding in some ways. I know zilch so just clue me in would you all?

As many have asked about other suits, what is the quality of the zips?

Did he say were it was going to bind? I do alot of wilderness tripping and overnighting. Since I don’t whitewater do you think I’ll have the binding problem?

Jason S.

fabric booties
Just got my extreme drysuit today. It has the fabric booties. It seems nicely made, but I’ve not used one before so I don’t have anything to compare to.

Fabric booties?
Eric and Hoffman,

Am I reading this right? You both have NRS Extreme in-hand and they have booties made from the same fabric as the rest of the suit?

Both web catalog and print catalog say latex booties.

just placed my order
Large size is still on backorder though.

I see that the NRS web site now says that the booties are Triton.

fabric booties
I don’t think you will be disappointed. I am pleasantly surprised at how easily I can get it on and off. Feet in and out is no problem at all. The booties look to be the same fabric as the rest of the suit. I would agree with Eric on the part about the shoulder area where the zipper goes over. Because the zipper is stiff and goes over your shoulder it makes a sort of raised up area. I put all my layers on and burped the suit well and then put on my PFD (Lotus Locean) and it doesn’t feel like it will be any problem. It may be because the suit is a little big on me. I am right at the end of the spectrun for a X/L (6’2’’,200lbs.) so I ordered a XX/L. So now I am at the small end of the XX/L spectrum, I figure better too big than too small.