NRS Extreme drysuit?

Anyone had any experience with this suit?


Used one for a season
Like just fine. Stays dry when swimming. I also find the front entry zip long enough that I do not need a relief zip.

2 in our family

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Aaron and me. Love 'em. Totally dry, very tough fabric, not as cushy as gore-tex, but really tough.Also noticing lately while it's not so cold that they breathe a lot better than I thought last year.Got ours at last year, they were cheaper than nrs site.
Aaron in his
me in mine
Mintjulep and Wade in theirs
pretty popular suit :-)

On sale too
Mine is entering its third season.

Dry when swimming, breathes as well as anything else seems too. Well made.

An NRS catalog showed up in my mail today. It’s on sale right now, 25% off the usual price. Pretty sweet deal.

I have one and love it.
With the front zipper I don’t need a releaf zipper. I also find that the front zipper is easier for me to use. 4 years old and still no leaks.

Bought one this summer
and have used it a few times with no problems. I wore it teaching at a symposium and during a day of “playing” in the water with no leaks at all. I think it’s a great value, especially if you use the pnet premium discount through Outdoorplay. I think they run a little large from the described size, however.

Thanks for the advise-I bit the bullet and bought one on sale at NRS.I am rationalizing buying one that I will start my paddleing season earlier next year if I have one.I really appreciate this resourse.


you wont regret
your purchase—I bought one last March and it really has extended my paddle season

Turtle, why wait till spring to paddle?
As long as the lakes or rivers are not iced in you could paddle all winter. It is really nice to paddle right after it snows. I paddle all year round in fresh or salt water and this year I want to go out while it is snowing it should be very peacefull. Good luck and enjoy your new gear.

Sorry to hijack

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Is it a bad idea to wear a drysuit with a scuba hood that would extend over the shoulders? The neck gasket sit over the neck portion of the hood. Here is the hood.

Try it and see

for dry suit?
I don’t know dive gear well but it seems to me that kind of hood is meant to be tucked into a wet-suit.

I would think it would still give you a
layer of water between you and the hood and that should insulate you. The best thing to do is try it and see if it works and then if and when you need it you will know that it works. I would not tuck it into you dry suit as that would let it leak. IMO

I have the Henderson Hyperstretch 7/5 hood that just goes down to the base of the neck. I suspect the shoulder pads may be overkill and would add to the general bulk .

I like my hood,very warm,minimizes cold shock well. I don’t like to wear it for prolonged periods as it’s rather constricting on my head but it’s easy to peel back or take on and off without struggling with a zipper.

The diveshop where I bought it had full bodied wetsuits in hyperstretch. Has anyone paddled with one of these?How restricting would it be?


I use a similar Henderson

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In winter. I think it's the 5mm but maybe a 7 - slightly different but overall the same idea. The face is intended to be cut back as needed and it is quite warm and it has an extension that goes down over the neck, Not sure if it is intended to mate with a diving drysuit but probably.

But no, I don't try to mate it. I think that'd increase the strain on my neck gasket, and my neck as well at that thickness. I just tuck it down under the outer panel of my drysuit with the velcor collar. (I have the one with the overskirt and all)

I agree with another reply up top - I'd skip the one that you list the link to because of the large extensions over the shoulder. Fine for a diver with the tanks and all, but I think for paddling I'd go with pne of Henderson's hoods that had just the extension down the neck a ways. You could tuck in and/or trim the neck part.

If you can get to a scuba shop, they'll have Henderson's catalogue with a good description and outline of each of their hoods. They have a lot.

Finally took the plunge (pun intended)
Convinced my wife it would make a great Christmas present - especially since it was on sale. I’ve worn a good wetsuit for the past few seasons, and found that it worked fine as long as I kept paddling. Once I stopped (lunch, shuttle), I’d get cold fast. I also found that it was nearly impossible to keep my feet warm. No matter how many layers of neoprene socks I wore, cold water was always flushing in. Tough to keep your feet dry kneeling in a canoe. Drysuit and some wool socks should solve that problem.

Alright Erik :slight_smile:

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Does that mean you'll be e-mailing me all winter asking "where we paddling this weekend?" Man, I hope so. No substitute for a dry suit, at least for our style of paddling/poling.
20 minutes after donning my drysuit for the first time, I flipped into a hole with the water at 42 degrees. First thought "I'm warm". Second thought "I'm dry." Third thought "yeeha, bring it on!!"

I hope so…
By the way, what are you doing the weekend between Christmas and New Years.

looking for ice shelves

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If they're small or non-existent, let's paddle! That IS what you're referring to? It's not an offer to share in your "mega-bazillions" lottery winnings,by doing that South American WW trip, is it?

found that better pic.

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of Wade. Yeah,RBLturtle and Eck., you'll like your NRS Extremes :-)