NRS Extreme SAR Drysuit

Anyone have any experience with this drysuit?

I like the features.

I would appreciate feedback on the sizing as there are only two size options. I have a waist and leg length that can be described as Medium while my shoulders and torso length are XL. The XL/XXL suit would probably be the only one that would fit me but I am curious as to how big it is in the waist. I don’t want to spend all day burping the suit, nor would I want that much extra material if it is really big.


Don’t know about the SAR
model but I just purchased the NRS Inversion suit.I’m 5’6" 145 lbs. According to the sizing chart I should take a medium but when I phoned NRS,the CSR who’s name was Curtis advised me that they are sized large so he talked me into a small and that was good advice.It’s still a bit baggy on me and needs burping but they must be designed to allow lots of heavy underclothing for insulation.

You should phone NRS directly and ask about sizing. I dealt with two different CSR’s , both were polite and seemed knowledgeable. I’m pretty sure they were both paddlers,probably whitewater guys so they understand drysuits.


different paddling positions

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to be aware of. I have the Extreme, as does my son Aaron. I am 6'2", 220 pounds, with a 34" inseam. My XL fits well in my opinion, the one exception being in the OC-1 with a Perception saddle where I find the inseam a bit tight. I make sure I "hike up" the waist before squeezing into that boat. As far as burping goes, this is a one minute job. Either go into a fetal position on land with the zipper open a couple inches, squeeze the leg material and finish zipping, or my preferred method of laying in the water, forcing the air up to the neck, while holding the neck gasket open. Aaron is 5'9", 160 pounds and is happy with his Large.