NRS float bags ... change in material?

Looks like NRS is getting out of their most recent iteration of floatation bags. I’m talking about the ones guaranteed for life that showed a truck parked on top. They didn’t have dump valves. That variety is now on sale and what appears to be a more conventional coated nylon bag seems to be taking their place.

Anyone know anything?

I’d be tempted to pick up some of the ones on sale, if only they had dump valves.

Once wet, the new bags coated both
inside and outside may not weigh any more, effectively, than the ones where Nylon cloth is exposed on the outside. That Nylon will eventually get in the habit of soaking up some water---- water that rolls off bags with urethane coating outside.

Also, my lightweight Voyageur bags tend to get dirty and mildewy on the outide Nylon surfaces.

I just bought the newer ones
They’ll get their first true test this coming weekend on the South Branch of the D-D-D-Dead River.

I don’t know how fast they empty, but I opened the valves a few days ago, and when I checked on them yesterday…no air.