NRS Fuse gloves

Bought these gloves at a symposium and while they’re comfortable in cold weather and provide good finger dexterity, I really dislike the silicone palms because they’re very slippery on my paddle shaft and that results in a tighter grip. Photo shows pattern. Any suggestions how to make them less slippery? Thanks.

Can’t help with the gloves but wrapping the shaft with tennis racket handle tape makes it easier to grip. On my Buff gloves the silicone swirlies are peeling off on their own.

I also have them and they squeak as they move on the paddle :confused:

I have them also and have had no problems.

Carbon paddle, string?

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My back up paddle has a smoother shaft than my primary so I carry a small piece of ski wax and rub the shaft to improve grip when wearing gloves.

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my wife uses them with yak grips and she loves them.

Ski wax. LOL, I’ve been cleaning out my garage this rainy week and found the xx ski poles I’ve been searching for. Maybe some wax will turn up.

+1 for tape. Even electrical tape might help.

That’s funny. I have the NRS fingerless neoprene with same pattern on palms and I like them because they are my warmest fingerless gloves but my only complaint is that they have significantly more friction on my (carbon fiber) paddle shafts than my other NRS fingerless gloves with synthetic leather palms.

Thanks, Kevburg! Your mention of Buff gloves gave me an idea. I love mine for summer paddling so slipped them over the Fuse gloves. I think I may have found the fix. :slightly_smiling_face:

@TomL Maybe my Fuse pattern is shinier, thus more slippery??

How can you keep your fingers warm when the top part of the glove is missing?

Don’t use the klister :stuck_out_tongue:

I use a hard wax and it doesn’t take much. Not like waxing a surf board. Don’t cake it on.

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Maybe. But they look suspiciously similar to me.

I keep my fingers warm by living further south than you. With temps in the mid/upper 40’s or low 50’s I haven’t even needed my neoprene fingerless gloves yet but when temps get into the 30’s I may be forced into full finger gloves.

Stay away from the Red wax as well. Probably want Polar or Special Green.

@Rookie if you want some I’ll be up towards the Upper Jordan (above the hatchery) next weekend. Could do a spy vs. spy drop somewhere or slip it into a geocache. Replaced a 40 yr. old set of waxables with brand new no-wax & new boots in February.

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Thanks, @rival51 …will give the Fuse/Buff set a try on Monday and let you know if they work out.

Your timing for a trip north is great; forecast for next weekend is in the 60s. A nice warm-up from today’s 40s.

A puck of Mr.Zogs Sex Wax (surfing origins) is on its way. Do not use it on the cross country skis.

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Wow. Thanks, Marshall! Hope it ships in a plain brown wrapper. :blush: