NRS Groove PFD

I need to replace my PFD for the upcoming season, and I saw the NRS Groove online. It looks very cool, but not sure of the comfort or fit.

I paddle on slow rivers/lakes and only very rarely do I hit a class 1 or 2. I do have a long torso, so a PFD riding up can be an issue. My boat is a Tsunami 120 with the factory seat, but may install a backband sometime in the future.

Looking for any comments/reviews about this PFD before I invest.



Very cool, but different

The Groove is the only stretchy PFD I know. I typically wear a size 48 (XXL) suit-coat because of my broad shoulders, but I can fit into and zip up the S/M Groove; it’s that stretchy. That being said, the sizes run true, so I’d wear the XXL and enjoy the mobility.

The Groove is a very warm PFD. I wouldn’t want to wear it in summer. The Mystery fabric and liner trap body heat. I’d prefer a jacket that hung a little looser if I paddled in heat.

The Mystery material is also prone to snags. If you paddle rivers that are heavily over-grown, or take dense portage trails, then you are likely to gouge the shell of your life jacket. A dab of Aquaseal fixes the gouges. I’ve never seen one tear badly.

Because of the material, the shell doesn’t absorb tons of water, so soaking wet, the PFD is about the same weight as when dry. I know a bunch of my PFD feel like they are 5 pounds heavier when wet.

So despite the couple of downfalls, I think it is extremely comfortable and a great cool-weather jacket.

Thanks for the review! I think I will try it and maybe post my thoughts on the Review section here.