NRS Hydroskin

Anyone have a Hydroskin shirt? Do you recommend it for cool weather? They sound good and are on sale.

i have a vest and shorts. i like them. i often wear them with just a silkweight capilene shirt underneath, down to about 45 or so. not a wetsuit, but a little extra protection if you get wet. much more comfortable than a wetsuit.


Me too
I have a couple, they are like T-shirts, Not very warm, but they dry fast, and work as a good base layer.

Ditto the above comments.
I have a long-sleeved one and have been happy with it.

Can you guys
compare and contrast Hydroskin with other things like basic rash guards and thin neoprene.

I’m finding the comments here hard to use in figuring where this stuff falls on the warmth and comfort spectrum.

I want the vest (and maybe shorts) - but they only have latest (and most expensive) in my size - and it is a bit pricey unless it’s significantly better than a sleeveless or short sleve rash guard or a neoprene vest from the local surf shops.


probably in the middle
a little warmer than a rash guard and a little less than neoprene. i wouldn’t move heaven and earth to get it, but it’s decent stuff.


Also Check Mysterioso
I think the hydroskin has a nepprene core. Neoprene does not breathe well. The Mysterioso does not have neoprene and breathes well.

If you are not actually planning on going in the water, the mysterioso may be more comfortable. It is also cheaper.

I Recently Bought
The Hydroskin shirt. It’s thin neoprene and I got clammy pretty quick. Next trip out I WILL try a layer underneath and see if it slows down that jungle feel.

I use hydroskin, rash guards, neoprine
depending on the weather. In the spring and fall, I typically wear a shorty NRS Farmer John with just a short sleeve or long sleeve polypro rash guard under it.

In the winter time (air temps of 45 - 55, and water temps about 45 - 50), I wear a full length farmer john together with a hydroskin shirt. On the colder days, I put on a breathable paddling jacket on top of that and then the PFD. Keeps me warm in Southern CA winters and I’m good to go for rescue or rolling practice if I add a neoprene hood.

On the warmer days, a shorty farmer john, hydroskin shirt, Chota mukluks, and my Tilley Hat and I’m comfortable.

Hope this helps.

PS I love my Hydroskin.

Meant to ask about those too
It’s usually too marm for a lot of neoprene here - at least for me, but on coler/windier paddles the rash guards nice tendency to evaporate and cool becomes less desireable.

Are the Mysterioso items similar or do they offer more wind break? (I can pretty much assume the non-breathing neoprene in the Hydroskins will block wind).

Or an I thinking of the NRS “Mystery” top - with the slick outer surface? Same qustions on those if anyone has them.

dive experience with them
I wore a hydroskin farmer john and the mystery top to dive in Bonaire, and lilked the combination quite a bit for maneuverability. The water was about 80, and after 50 minutes or so under water you could start to feel it as cool. I did end up returning the farmer john, though. The knee pads were sewn on with a single stitch that bothered me when I bought it and sure enough it blew out about 3 days into the trip.

Mystery Top Not Mysterioso
The Mystery Top is Neoprene. The Mysterioso top is some kind of fancy polaratec. They say it is inpegnated with titanium.

The mysterioso top is pretty windproof, but more breathable than neoprene. It is comfortable enough to wear for snow play or just cold weather.

An alternative to “Hydroskin” is a
fabric called “Hydrogen”. I have worn both top and bottoms under my breathable suit and found it wicks moisture faster than anything I have tried, including hydroskin. It also retains heat much better and allows moisture to pass through giving a much dryer feeling than hydroskin.

It has to be somewhat cold in order to wear the combination as it insulates quite well.

I have worn it as an outer garment, by itself, when temperatures were in the 50’s to low 60’s. It worked well to disolve moisture, but does not shed water as readily as hydroskin.

I feel hydroskin is superior to hydrogen as an outergarment as it sheds water better. However, it does leave a “clamy” feeling when worn as an undergarment.

Hydrogen is very cost effective, as tops and bottoms are both on sale for $39.00 each (last I knew).

If anyone is interested, I found and purchased the hydrogen at Sierra Trading Post. (


Cannot speak for cold weather…

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Mid winter air temps here are low 50s max with 56 degree water. Usually o.k to wear expedition weight fleece or a long sleeve rash guard, even at night...immersion not included.

If it's moving around or blowing a bit , will throw on a L.S. H.S. for fitness type paddling off shore.
Super comfortable and suprisingly stretchy out of the boat too. Use it for early spring & fall swimming too... 'water sweatshirt' Will not over heat on the way to put on.

Ooops , forgot ..........have heard from a dealer that Mysteriosos delam and are not as good long term as H.S.

The Difference Is
in the outer layer. Hydroskin has a nylon outer layer that absorbs some water can be chilling with evaporative cooling in a breeze. The Mysterio shirt (and similar productions like some Rapidstyle fuzzy rubber) has a smooth, shiney surface that immediately sheds water. Less evaporative cooling.


you have never worn a T-shirt?

Polly pro works just as good, but the hydro skin fits better.

I have the hydroskin vest…
and like it for extra body protection. I was at the NRS store in Moscow ID. and had a chance to try all the diff styles on and the long sleeve & short sleeve seemed a bit restrictive and a little clamy. So the vest worked out perfect!

NO… im not trying to look like Burt Reynolds in deliverance!!! LOL