NRS is great but...

is there somewhere else? I live in the burbs of nowhere and I need to mail oreder most of my gear and I shop quite a bit with NRS but there has to be some other choices out there. I started surfing the web but it was mostly people selling NRS stuff. Any suggestions for safety gear, paddle wear etc?



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REI & REI outlet, Nantahala Outdoor Center, Sierra Trading Post, Altrec, Outdoorplay, Atlantic Kayak Tours, Zoar, and all the other paddling stores online...

You can usually go to a manufacturer site and use the dealer locator to find retailers.

depending on where you are in VT, consider:

Northwater from outdoor
or one of the people who supports, see the dealers directory!

Support what loves you back.

Most of the time
its gonna be dealers selling NRS stuff (at higher prices no less) unless you are looking for a specific product. Outdoorplay is a good place to start.

Sierra Trading Post
they typically carry a mish mash of closeout camping, clothing, and paddling gear.


Brooks is good. skirts,wetsuits,etc,have one of their neo skirts and like it.

i bought my shortie Parkway 2.5mm wetsuit at .cheezy name but they got good deals on diving stuff.

there’s always for all things paddling.

I am an Umiak customer
and very happy with the support and service. But I’m just looking for options. Canoe Imp is over in Burlington and just too far. It seems that NRS is everywhere and just about the only thing (sometimes).


If you go Outdoor Play
Join the American Canoe Association first. You will be supporting a good voice for paddlers, receive a decent magazine, and get a 15% discount at Outdoor Play.

Better Idea
Join Paddling Perks right here on and get a 15% discount with Outdoorplay and lots of other great deals:



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support Paddling Perks, its a lot cheaper than the ACA and you still get the discount at Outdoor Play. What the ACA actually voices is probably best discussed in Bicker and Banter, its usually THEIR interests, not ours.

Couple of options

Immersion Research

Shred Ready

All depends on what you’re in search of.

See you on the water,


What is wrong with NRS, Great products and great service… Its a testament to the company that so many other company sell their stuff.

Thanks for the nudge but I think you’ll find me on your list already. Although if someone else out there is not a PNET-Head, sit down a write out a check- this place is at least as good as any magazine that is in your bathroom.

Not at all…
Didn’t mean you at all. I was just replying to Dr_Disco where he mentioned joining the ACA to get a 15% discount and reminding people that they could get the same thing thru

Have a Great weekend!


also try…
Piragis: they have nice selection for canoeing and their catalogue makes for nice reading on a frozen winter day.

Paddling Perks gets you a discount there as well.


You are of course right.
What was I thinking?? :slight_smile:

colorado kayak
I bought my kayak and most accessories from them, and they have been good to deal with and prices are good as well.


Unique Paddleware
Clothing and accessories from Reed Chillcheater. Used by expeditioneers around the world.

Innovation bred by smaller
independant companies. Nothing wrong with NRS, but wher would I have gotten my polartech awuashell fabric finisy farmer john without small companeies