NRS Kayak Cart

I’m interested in possibly purchasing an NRS Kayak Cart to haul my 18 foot composite kayak. Does anyone have any experience with one of these or any other carts currently on the market?



might help…the review section of

btw: nrs does not make their own carts…they carry ones from manufacturers…the one on their site looks like a primex one???


stern attached…

middle attached…

middle gets you better clearance…and also a smaller turning radius…

stern is smaller…usually…bigger turning radius…

i have one of each and both work well…r

be sure to get something
that fits in your yak

otherwise, it stays behind

Do not, do not, do not
get one that attaches to the stern unless you will only be using it on smooth flat surfaces.

We just got back from the three day Adirondack 90 mile canoe and kayak race which had a bunch of portages.

Some were like goat paths that were steep with boulders, logs and roots to go over.

We saw and heard constant swearing from the kayak people who had the stern wheels.

They kept falling off, and as fast as they would get them back on they would come off again.

The other thing is the fact that center wheels eliminate a lot of work.

I have a center one, with fifteen inch wheels, and all I have to do is guide it from the stern.

It just about goes by itself.



Center mount model #260 tough, big bouncy tires and all collapses to fit in a hatch.

See you on the water,


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