NRS kickers

If there is anyone in the central NC area near Charlotte/Salisbury or even the mountains between Boone and Ashville that would like a pair of slightly used NRS Kickers, I have a pair that will fit a size 8 or 8-1/2.

They are no good for a wide foot, and that is why I am getting rid of them.

I hate to chuck them out since they are in good shape.

If your interested shoot me a line, and I can figure how to get them to you.

The last time I was doing a givaway,( a set of Yakama towers) someone wanted me to ship it to them and they said they would pay the postage. I don’t want to be bothered with anything like that.



i figured i’d give this post a bump…
by adding that i just got a pair of those shoes in the mail the other day. they’re pretty excellent

Somebody sent me an e-mail…
…asking why I didn’t use e-bay, so I should make it clear that they are free.

They have been replaced by an el-cheapo pair of light weight “running shoes ?” from Wally world at the high cost of $9.68.

I wore them today and they were great in the canoe and kayak.