NRS mariner drysuit

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Have you guys had any good/bad experiences with the NRS mariner drysuit? Eventually I will be investing in a drysuit, and from my research I certainly want it to be breathable (I want to use it in as warm air temp as possible if water is still cold), socks, relief zipper and all latex gaskets. I got to wear a top of the line kokatat suit and jumped in 34 F water during a cold water class, so I know how important a good suit is. I will be taking a couple of trips where the tour company provides suits, so I don't need the suit right away. I will continue looking for a used suit, but if I don't find one, is the mariner a good option?


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- If an NRS product is defective, they will decide
to repair it, replace it, or refund the purchase price.
Sounds like a reasonable guarantee, go for it.

Competition is good for the marketplace and
no ""one"" particular company has a true monopoly
on dry suit manufacturing.

Check out …
…the kayak academy website for drysuit sales. Last year I picked up a Kokotat Gortex suit with the relief zip for $720 dollars.

Now here’s the weird part. When I talked to the sales person, she informed me that the suit was eight years old but never used. When I received it, it appeared as if it had just left the factory. The gaskets were (and are) in perfect condition.

Last year I used the suit a lot and maybe a drop of water made its way inside over the entire season and I’m always going upside down.

Here’s the website:

And there is a drysuit sale going on right now.

I did check with them as well,
But they don’t have large that include booties and relief zippers for a comparable price. It seems I’m a bit late and most of the L’s have gone… I’ll continue looking, but thanks though! Seems like a great resource.

for sure…
…you want those booties & relief zipper. Anyhow good luck with your drysuit quest.

How about the Mission?
Local store 'round here has older stock on sale for a really good price, under $400

Maybe worth a call to see what the deal is. I got that same unit and it has been good for me so far…

What fabric is the NRS using?
The Kokatat Gore suits are spendy, but if it ever delams it’s replaced. Kokatat also makes the same models in non-gore fabric that are more reasonable. I have no experience with the NRS drysuits.

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Um, local perhaps
I know of a place in Hyde Park, NY that has a St. Party’s Spring Special on drywear by Stohlquist & Kokatat. Heck close enough to go and try on the gear to check the fit.

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The River Connection, Inc.

Hyde Park, NY

Kayak Academy
Just a side note - I can also recommend Kayak Academy. I bought a Kokatat suit and needed the larger feet than the stock suits. Since it was my first drysuit, Kayak Academy sent me a loaner to try on AND use until my

suit with the custom feet came. Great experience, great service.

The OP had a link to the suit made out of Event. NRS is no longer selling this material because the price of the material itself went through the roof. At least thats what NRS told me. Its supposed to be more breathable than gor-tex.No idea how tuff it is. Kokatat has lifetime warranty to original owner for the gor-tex suits so thats something to consider too.

I found very good reviews
Across different forums. People seem to like it, but if the pricing of the material got high then that makes sense to why they’re having a close out sale.

NRS also seems to have lifetime warranty on it, so it’s def a possibility. I think if I don’t find anything great in the next couple of days I might order it. From what people say, your first suit is not your last… So why not try it.

I like mine!
I have 2 years paddling in the mariner suit and like it a lot. I think eVent is the real deal: super breathable, totally waterproof, and so far so good with the durability. I love the detatachable hood.

My only knock on it is that i don’t think it fits quite as well or looks quite as good as Kokatat or Stohlquist, but I’m a hard guy to fit at 6’5" and 200 lbs.

I highly recommend this suit.

For the feedback! I went ahead and ordered the suit yesterday. The folks at NRS were super helpful and nice. They said I’m covered if anything happens. Should arrive within a week or so.