NRS Mission Drysuit

Any opinions pro or con with this suit. I have a Kokatat Gortex GFER suit but was told the eVent is even better.

how much better
If they drysuit you have now keeps you dry how much better can it be? Dry is dry.

Bill H.

Event breathes
better than Gore-Tex. Your body must get hot to turn moisture (sweat) into vapor for it to pass through Gore-Tex. Event can pass moisture, not just body vapor. That means Event dry suits are not as hot to wear. Our NRS rep stopped in the shop a few weeks ago and said he has used his Mission Drysuit in a variety of conditions. If I needed a new drysuit, the Mission would be my choice.

For $850…
…I’ll wait until we get some unbiased reviews from actual users. That’s too much for me to take a chance on an unproven fabric. If it lives up to the hype, it would be a great product.