NRS Mystery Sea Neoprene Hood

Does anyone have this one with the strap under the chin?

I was thinking about it for rolling practice to protect my ears from water as plugs bother me. Would this work for this purpose or is it mainly for head warmth?


Water gets in easy
Very comfy and warm but would not protect your ears under water.

Anything that covers the ears snugly…

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slows down water entry. May not be watertight. My neoprene hats (both made by Henderson) are not, but they're better than bare ears. I often combine them with earplugs--either the solid flanged type (which do block out water but also sound) or the Doc's vented ones (which help slow down entry even more while allowing better hearing).

hoods and hearing
I find that the hood makes water remain in my ears after rolling. It doesn’t drain until I kinda vent the side of my hood with my finger, and then I can hear.

It has holes
It has holes in the material over your ears so you can hear.

It won’t do much to stop water getting in your ears.

I couldn’t roll this time of year without my hood (35 degrees), but I’m thinking about punching a hole or two in the ear area, to allow them to drain. Would also make it easier to have a conversation.

Can anyone comment on how the full hoods with ear vents work regarding the water draining away from your ears after a roll, so you can hear again?

what everyone else said
only the ear holes are the least of your worries. The water flushes in right where the strap joins the cap. I still wear one anyway: to keep out the wind and for the “wetsuit effect”–it’s wet but you heat it up and keep a warm layer of wet against your head.

Buy a cheap ladies bathing cap!
All of these responses were spot on. Mine is a dissappointment!

I have one. I use it on very cold days
when the wind is blowing. It’s works well for that purpose. I can’t really imagine using it for anything else.

I’m not referring to the beanie type with the strap. I have the full head and neck type of hood, and it keeps me warm when rolling in 35 degree water. The problem is that it holds water around my ears so I can’t hear until I “vent” the side of the hood with my fingers.

Does anyone have a similar full hood, but with ear holes (I think I’ve seen these around)? And can they comment on whether the ear holes improve hearing, and allow water to drain away from your ears after you roll.


Thanks to all
I guess it isn’t what I was hoping it would be. Appreciate the feedback.


Holes don’t seem to help
I wish I could get one without them. Any breeze blowing creates that whistling sound, kind of like when you crack a window on your car. In the end, unless it’s very calm, I can actually hear better with the thick diving hood without holes. Seems like one of those good thoughts that didn’t end up being practical for my purposes. Maybe with a whitewater helmet over the top, the whistling doesn’t occur so easily? I know they still put them in, but I can’t figure how the experience would be specific to me? If something is worn over the top of it covering the ears, the holes are probably spot on.

Works OK for me
I think it’s fine for the occasional role, but that’s typically all I would do in 39-degree water. I like mine.

mystery sea hood
When I wear a helmet over it I get very little water into my ears. The main problem that I have found with it is that the buckle slides on the strap - so I had to knot it to keep it secure.

If you want to keep your ears dry look into getting a tuilik

I have it but think the Henderson brand neo hoods do a better job.