NRS Mystic PFD?

Anyone had any experience with this PFD? I’ve found a good deal on it and couldn’t find any reviews online.

I’m going to try it on before I buy it, but didn’t know if anyone else was using it.


I’ve never tried it, but all my experience with NRS gear has been excellent. If you buy it and don’t like it, they have a good return policy.

I tried one on
in the store a while back, and it felt great. The material is really interesting, and it feels snug but stretchy. Haven’t paddled in one, though. I’d go for it if it’s really a good deal!

It’s GREAT !!
I tried on Stohlquist, Kokatat, and some other brands the store had…after I tried on this one, I KNEW that it was the ONE. It is the most comfortable PFD I have ever had on. Especially for a woman, I didn’t feel like I couldn’t breathe after I tightened up all of the straps. It’s drawback for me is that it only has 2 pockets, but I am very creative, and I am going to customize it. I absolutely recommend it. Good luck.