NRS Pike IK- what do you think?

I’m looking at inflatable kayaks because I don’t have storage space for a regular kayak. This will sound strange- I don’t know how to fish- but I figure that someone here is more likely to have used the NRS Pike than in a general forum. I’m interested in the Pike because I don’t see too many IKs that could be used in surf/open ocean; the Pike is self bailing, besides being big enough for me and some camping equipment. I don’t want to get into white water, but I’d like something that’s relatively safe in a coastal environment. Yes, I’m a beginner (I’ve only used inflatable SUPs, which get blown about in the wind too much. Why would I think that an IK would be better? More storage for equipment, for one. I prefer to sit, secondly.) My iSUP is an NRS Baron; I like that the company stands behind their products enough to provide an excellent 3-year warranty. Thanks for any suggestions.

“…I don’t see too many IKs that could be used in surf/open ocean…”

If you take it there do it on the beach in front of the lifeguards. I think you’d be disappointed in wind, wave and tidal runs.

q23, have you considered a folder?

Perhaps Willowleaf will comment, as she’s our resident expert on folding kayaks.

Last week I was camped at Lake Griffen State park, Florida. There is a short , 1 mile, Dead river run to the main Lake Griffen. A lot of the smaller rigs, Class B, truck campers and tenters were pulling out inflatables to fish the Dead river. I don’t think they ventured into the main lake. Note “Dead River” is just a name. The area was a fresh water marsh/swamp area rich with gators, bass and all manor of plant life. If it fits your needs go for it. One thing I did notice though was they would often air up their already inflated boats each day and some at the ramp just before launching.