NRS Reactor Gloves

I did 14 miles on the Hudson River today, but after 2 miles I could not stand my new NRS Reactor Gloves. They are thick and the paddle does not feel right-- I feel like I have to grip it hard–like its slipping.

What are some other good cold water gloves for 30-40 deg air temperature and 40 deg water? Maybe I should put some friction tape on the paddle shaft.

Poagies… Nm…

Level 6 mitts (neo mittens), completely waterproof and you can wear liners if they arn’t warm enough and very flexible, almost feels like you’re not wearing gloves.

Bill H.

Glacier Gloves
A lot of people seem to like the Glacier Gloves, I picked up a pair but have not used them yet.

Pogies or diving dry gloves
I found that the Reactor gloves cut off circulation as well as being impossible to feel with. I tried pogies when we were out over the weekend and liked them, and until then have been happy with diving dry gloves from a scuba shop. I have Deep Sea brand, but there are more out there now.

Same problem with Reactors…

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I had the same issues with the Reactors as both you and Celia. Last week I paddled in similar water temps here in Upstate NY. I comfortably used Kokatat's Heavyweight Hand Jackets. They provided more warmth and tactile feedback than the Reactors. Note: I personally I find that water temps in the low to mid 40's is close to my limit in the Kokatats.

I also have several warmer pairs of gloves/mitts in my gear bag including:
- NRS Toaster Mitts (I returned the Reactors for these and use them as back-ups)
- Deep See Dry Comfort 4mm Gloves (as Celia cited above). These seal well with your dry suit wrist gaskets.
- Nordic Blue Gloves (these use to be a sea kayaking cold water 'standard', but I do not believe they are still available in the US). Fairly difficult to put on solo.

wax the shaft
try waxing the shaft of the paddle with surf wax. Just make sure you get the right temp wax for conditions. It allows you to grip the shaft w/o overgripping.

Ditto the Glacier Gloves
I’ve had a pair and loved them. They have a sort of brushed micro fleece lining that makes them very soft. Some people have complained about splitting. I’ve always been careful to be gentle with mine (because they are expensive) and had no problems. Super comfy fit and they work. You get some water inside, but then your hands warm them up and that warm layer stays in place. Same principle as a wetsuit.

At this rate I would use blue or red klister wax…I will try some blue green or red XC wax first though

Not ski wax, paddle wax
or board wax


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That's funny, so did I. Launched from Memorial Park Nyack and paddled down to Tallman Mtn. state park.

I really like my Glacier Gloves. They are fairly warm and allow good dexterity.


Pogies, Toaster Mitts, level six mitts
I’ve used pogies and nrs toaster mitts for several years, with good results for each. I do tend to use the mittens more frequently.

I did buy some of the level six mitts when amazon had them on sale earlier this fall. They are comfortable and have a snot rag built in, but the neoprene isn’t as durable as the NRS - I have tears where my knuckles are already.

It looks like Level Six has a kevlar armored mitten, I would try them if they are available.

2nd toaster mtitts
But I like my reactor gloves. I use the mitts for the coldest weather because they are the only thing that keeps my fingers warm when the wind is howling. I use synthetic glove liners w/ my toaster mitts.

Kokatat Tropos Pogies
I’ve been using a set of really insufficient-looking Kokatat Tropos pogies in 10 degree weather this last week (flat water) and they’ve worked great. My hands have been surprisingly warm!


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Agree on the being tight aspect. Need a little air for warmth no matter dry or wet..imho.

Level Six
Anti Freeze gloves. These are warm and provide a great grip with no bunching. My latest pair however, wore prematurely; hopefully the company will warranty them.

Have a pair also of Kokatat Hand Jackets (XL)that I used once and will firesale out to anyone that wants them. I found them terrible-zero grip due to the hard rubber nubs, and the material bunched to the point where my forearms pumped from trying to hold onto the shaft out in some windy, messy conditions. Terrible design, IMO.

When the temps dip below 20 degrees F, I’ll go to Pogies with the wing paddle on the ski. Above that, the Level Six’s are generally pretty sufficient.

Deep See Comfort Dry gloves
I bought a pair of Reactor gloves some time ago and didn’t like them. Too stiff and not good paddle feel. I also tried Nordic Blues which were better but not much to my liking. What I’ve used for a few years are Deep See Comfort Dry gloves:

I have that problem with mine, too. I use Mr. Zog’s Sex Wax on the paddle’s shaft. It makes the grip, so much better.

I’ve fallen in love with my NRS mittens. My hands actually sweat – even in sub-freezing temps.

Stohlquist Maw
Close fitting. Good on warmth. Very precurved. Go a size larger than you usually get.

Otherwise Kokatat Paddle Mitts = Pogis.

See you on the water,


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Yep, Glacier gloves!
What he said – that’s been my experience too. They are so warm that I sometimes take them off. But they are flexible enough that I have a nice grip on my Greenland paddle.

G in NC