NRS Stampede Jacket?

Anyone have experience with this? Looks decent for waves and spray.

Thoughts and suggestions welcome.

Thanks all!

More of a drytop
Are you looking for a paddling jacket or a dry top? The Stampede is a dry top with a smooth skin neoprene neck gasket.

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used similar

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I have not used that one, but have and regularly use a similar one from Kokatat. I really like the neoprene neck and latex wrist gaskets. My neck doesn't do well with latex gaskets, but is large enough to seal pretty well with neoprene necks. I suspect that the NRS would be similar. In general, NRS provides a good price point for decent quality products, as compared to brands like Kokatat. Kind of like getting REI brand rather than Patagucci.

I did see that the Stampede comes in short and long sleeve. Never used a short sleeve version - seems like it would be weird sealing around your arm muscles. Only have the long sleeve version.

NRS short sleeve
Have used an NRS short sleeve dry top for years (short sleeves because of arm length issues). Have been super happy with it. Never had leaks from arms, sometimes a few drops from neoprene neck gasket.

I’ll give it a shot.
Thanks folks…I’m going to try one. It’s a pretty attractive price and NRS stuff has been good to me. I’ll let you know how it works out.