NRS storm hood

Looking for input on the NRS storm hood. I’m longing to get out and practice some rolls in Lake MI but what I was using to keep my head warm wasn’t working at all. Feedback?

Reed aquatherm hood
This hood is compact enough to put in your PFD pocket and keeps the water out of your ears. Really good stuff, and you can wear it under a hat or ww helmet.


I went with Hyperflex

3/2 full hood with bib with tax and shipping was like $26. There’s no ear holes, so if it’s on correctly, there’s no water getting in and no flushing. The face seal is also stretchy enough for you to pull it down around your neck if you need to cool off or talk to someone. One downside to a full bib and the b-pod (that I know you have) is there’s no place to tuck the bib in except the neck seal. It’s still water tight as long as you do a check all the way around. But if water does get past the face seal, it can leak into the suit. If the bib is not tucked in, it’ll flap around and water can flush up the back of your neck. There’s a dealer in Grand Rapids that’s pretty easy to deal with. Just stay on top of the order because the surf biz is a side business for him, and it he may inadvertently back-burner it.