NRS Toaster Mitts fantastic

I highly recommend the NRS Toaster Mitts to anybody paddling on COLD days in COLD water. I had been using full-fingered neoprene gloves but my fingers were getting sore and numb. These toaster mitts keep me very warm. They are also waterproof, so I am able to wear a pair of thin NRS glove liners inside for extra warmth. Now, admittedly, the price you pay for the warmth is a rather bulky mitt. I paddled about 3 hours upstream (on the mighty Susquehanna River) and toward the end of the trip my hands were feeling some fatigue from having to compress the mitts around the paddle shaft. But that was OK since my hands were warm. Thus endeth the product review.

I’ve used these mitts for many years
but it’s very important, no matter the weather or gloves worn, not to have a ‘death grip’ on ones paddle. By doing so you can cause numbness in your hands and wrists.

When I paddle, my grip is primarily with my thumb and first two digits on the pull and thumb and index finger on the push side. This is my method but even try just a more relaxed grip on your paddle shaft. It can make a big difference.

Any input from others on a paddle grip?

Wear-in period
With some use the palm be less resistant to curling with your grip.

Just don’t try to type with them. :slight_smile:

See you on the,


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