NRS Triton Drysuit

My NRS Triton Inversion drysuit has totally lost its waterproofness after 4 winter seasons. I dried it out and immersed it in the laundry sink to make sure it wasn’t just sweat, and the water soaks right through. I would expect the Triton laminate to be at least somewhat waterproof even if the DWR wears off, but the fabric has no water repellency at all. Has anyone had a similar experience with the Triton fabric?

I read the earlier thread about restoring the DWR and tried the 303 Fabric Guard, with zero results. However, the bottle I have is about 8 years old, so it’s probably past its effective shelf life. Does anyone have experience renewing the DWR specifically on Triton fabric, and can you recommend the best product to use?

Nikwax Tech Wash cleaner and TX.Direct DWR treatment. I have used and it can improve, but chances are it will only last a handful of paddles before you need to do again. I have a Palm drysuit I did this to, but in the end, I replaced it.

False Economy
Now I understand why this drysuit had such a low price. Live & learn.

It is not the DWR, it’s what’s inside…
Replenishing the DWR won’t do you any good if the inner membrane leaks or if you have seam separation. I have Triton based pants and have been fine for about 4 years of light use. Only issue is some of the tape is coming off at the stretchy waist section. But they are waterproof.

Doesn’t NRS guarantee for life such products against certain defects? Worth a call to them.

The DWR just helps water shed better when splashed, but won’t stop water getting past the outer shell when immersed. That’s where the inner membrane comes into play - it is the layer that stops loquid but let’s vapor through.

I’m on my third NRS Drysuit
Never had a problem with it losing waterproofness (is that a word?). My problem has been the zippers. I thinks the service is fine. The first time the zipper broke they replaced the suit, but not not the second time. I bought another one anyway. I guess I’m a creature of habit.

Send it back to them - you might be surprised.