NRS Ultra Jane wetsuit questions

Any women out there have one of these? Thinking of getting one. This one features a relief zip, just wondering how comfortable it is, and if it’s really worth the extra bucks.

Would appreciate comments from anyone who owns one.



Relief Zip in Wetsuits
There are many wetsuits available and all will do the job of keeping you warm if they fit correctly. BUT if you don’t want to pee on yourself, get a wetsuit with a relief zipper! Worth every penny for the crotch zipper.

Personally, I do not like a zipper on the ankle. I have short legs and it makes it bulky on the ankle as I end up having to keep the zipper open.


Ankle Zippers
As a short person I can relate. It’s not too expensive to have the zippers taken out & the legs shortened on a wetsuit. Don’t try it yourself unless you have an industrial sewing machine. Look for a place that does upholstery or leather alterations. Depending on where you are, shouldn’t cost more than $50-$60 max. Well worth it if you wear your wetsuit a lot.

When you’re ready to replace your wetsuit, you might do a little research to see if anybody offers petite sizes or customizing.

Relief Zipper - YES!!
I’ve found having a relief zipper on my wetsuit is as necessary as having booties and a relief zip on my drysuit.

Ankle zippers work okay for me but I’d be just as happy without them, too.

While I own 2 NRS Ultra Janes and they fit me well, I also have found that it’s a good idea to try on wetsuits for sizing. Certain makers don’t fit me quite right and the NRS male equivalent to the Jane doesn’t fit my husband well at all. He’s 5’9" and about 155lbs and he wears an XL in NRS – and it’s still not terribly comfortable for him.

So, try before you buy, if possible, and definitely spring for the relief zipper.

Try before buy: caveat

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Definitely try if possible, because manufacturers have different sizing standards. But also keep in mind that you want room to stretch in the kayaking positions. I found that wetsuits that fit well otherwise were too tight in the shoulders and upper back. I went up a size and am now comfortable, without much more water infiltration.

Also, some neoprenes are noticeably stretchier than others.

I don't have any with relief zips but would probably get one if offered in the type I want. These things are a PITA to unpeel/unstick for pit stops, especially the full suits.