NRS water shoes

Anybody tried these shoes?

I’m thinking about replacing my Keen during the “frigid” winter months in South Florida.

that’s what I wear until the real cold stuff hits and I then go to the thicker paddler shoe.

My biggest gripe with all NRS footwear is the narrow bed they use. I have to wear a fullsize up in order to get the width. I’m between a D and E in the fore foot area.

All in all, a good paddling shoe and I’d buy it again.


Good buy…
I have been using my NRS Rodeo Socks for about 5 months now and like them as I paddle mostly low volume boats that don’t like big feet with bulky shoes.

I have noticed though that there is a seam in the heel area that starts to hurt/dig in if you are really crammed into your boat and have no padding under your heels, so would recommend to work on that if you get them.

Note that these work very well with SOF kayaks as there is no heel “edge” to catch on the ribs when exiting the boat. That was always a pet peeve of mine when I paddled one, as I could never leave the boat with my water shoes on!!

Not sure how these will hold up in cold water though as they are pretty thin. I will be wearing my Kokatat drysuit with booties, so will see what happens when the water temps fall below 50 degrees.


how cold will it be I recommend Choata
I have Choata quick lace nearly knee high and choata ankle shoes. Both pair run smug.

The quick lace will keep your feet dry and warm, it helps to wear neophrene socks under them and this also helps with the seams causing pressure and hurting your feet or toes.

I wore them wading in the Kalamazoo River in December during a big snow storm. I don’t recommend wading in the Kalamazoo but I do recommend the boots for warmth. Wish I’d some of these when I was in my twenties on campus in the slush and snow.

It might be too warm down there for them.

The problem with the ankle booties is pulling them on. Next time I’m opting for lace ups because the ankle booties are a pain to put on. They also stay pretty wet once you have waded in them, whereas the boots did not result in cold wet feet or wet feet.

NRS Rodeo socks now for $9.95 (in the Great Deals section).

Only small size available NM

Chota shoes
They seem a little too warm for South Florida

damn…I’m not gonna find a shoe easily!
my feet are so wide that even 3E and 4E shoes don’t fit me :frowning: bugger…

I collect water shoes
Anything not clunky that I spot I’ll try. Three kinds of Teva’s, dive stuff, even a weird pair of Nike’s I found at Sports Authority a while back…

I don’t like anything with laces - and have never liked sandals for paddling.

Latest find is a pair of ankle height neo “dinghy racing boots” I found at West Marine. Gill “Aquatech Shoes 956” These have flexible soles (not as tough as my Teva Neutrons/Protons - but OK) and a Velcro strap over the front so they can’t pull off in mud and such like some paddling shoes. Comfy, and top is a little higher than my others - seems to help keep sand and crap out better (might keep it in better too). Thinner neo than dive booties - so warm - but not too warm.

Price is similar to other products. Main advantage to these is you can go try them on.

West marine also has a pair of lower cut mesh water shoes for the hot season that look like they may be OK. Ugly blue with white sole things but cheap at $13 - but I haven’t tried and don’t tend to have luck with anything under $30. Usually they have bad heavy soles and weak badly stitched uppers. The stuff from the river outfitter oriented companies tends to be MUCH better.

My favorites are still my black/gray old model Teva Neutrons that are well past their normal lifespan and will self destruct soon (had I known I’d have bought and put some away) Newer version might be even better - but uglier and even those appear to be discontinued. The similar looking Protons are OK but aren’t as secure (no strap), but are cooler due to mesh upper. Teva’s new P-2s look interesting - but $80! Ouch!

Someday I’ll try a set of NRS Attack Shoes, or Kickers, or Rodeo Shoes, or…

Winter water here is 72 degrees
We call it “cold” L

Too bad
I guess I got the last pair of medium.

West Marine
Those shoes look interesting, I think I’ll have to spend my lunch hour at West Marine tomorrow.

Why not
just wear a pair of neoprene socks with your Keens?

The desperado sock is nice, but the sole is thin. If you don’t need the thinness (ie, not trying to jam your feet into a playboat), you might think about the Desperado shoe instead. They have a heavier sole.

Teva’s gone downhill
I have tossed two pair of Teva’s into the dry gear pile trying to replace my neutrons. I’m looking at the NRS shoe next as well. Not impressed with anything Teva has done lately in regards to wearing on the river.

I agree- too narrow
I have even called and e-mailed them about losing a large chunk of the market because they don’t offer their footwear in a wide. So far no luck. I think their shoes are well made and I do own a couple of pairs but I feel like Cinderella’s ugly sister jamming on that slipper everytime I wear them.----Rich

Desperado Shoes
Depending upon the ammount of corral or rocks that you’re stomping over, go with the Desperado Shoes. Better footbed. Keeps Eurasion Waterchestnuts in the Hudson from puncturing my feet and keeps me upright scrambling around on rocks.

See you on the water,