NRS Wavelite XT Unionsuit

Did a search for Wavelite XT Union but nothing showed up.

What are the opinions on this suit?

Is it truly ‘4-way’ stretch and formfitting?

Does it wick well?

I’ve had trouble with NRS sizing in the past. Are these sized small or large?



I do not have experience
with this union suit, but I know for fact that NRS sizes are on the small side. Of course, many manufacturers seem to be downsizing their sizes - I have XL Patagonia clothes bought ten years ago that still fit, but now I have to buy XXL from them.


agree with
Jim, NRS products are sized small. Howver, no experience with that particular product.

Only current manufacturer’s XL that is still an XL is the Original Bug Shirt.

As the manufactures are downsizing their sizes, my body seems to be upsizing - oh well.


Yes, the BugShirt!
I was able to fit an XL, but I decided to go for the XXL for a floppy fit (pumps more air on hot days).

BTW, after Chota Mukluks I vote for the BugShirt as the next best piece of paddling clothing.


Also agree about NRS but CALL them
on the phone. Their sales people are a lot more than you would ever expect.