NRS wetsuit - regular vs. Ulra

Any experience with the differences between the NRS Farmer John Wetsuit and the Ultra? In particular, is the Ultra significanly easier to move in than the regular? The catalog talks about PowerSpan panels to help with movement. It’s also supposed to be warmer but no specifics.



NRS Ultra Farmer John
I have the Ultra version and like it. I find it comfortable to wear and easy to get in and out of. The interior plush lining doesn’t stick to me like other neoprene does.

When I ordered mine, I went through the same dilema as you are now. The women on the other end (NRS) said that Ultra is more comforatble than the regular Farmer John, and would keep one slightly warmer in immersion.

I have no direct experience with the Regular Farmer John.


I use the Grizzly Cut Farmer John and
Little John and have used them for several years now. In fact I’m on my 2nd set of each.

Never tried the Ultra, but the standard ones work very well in Southern Calif. Water temps in the winter are about 55 and the air temps vary from 40 - 60.

I usually wear a long sleeve NRS rash guard and a Kokatat Pac Lite Goretex paddling jacket. This one has a neoprene neck and arm gasket that is not quite as watertight as latex.

Works well for me.

have big arm openings and really don’t restrict where most folks complain about… the armpit area. The problem, of course, is that freedom of movement comes at a cost of less immersion protection. The open arm and neck areas let in a lot of water. You overcome with a insulating top (?neo) and a semi or full drytop.

I’ve been using surf wetsuits with integrated arm coverage for waveski surfing. I am surprised by how unrestricted these well designed neo suits (think lots of panels in the high movement areas) are for paddling. Problem with these is that you’ll overheat if you don’t periodically wet yourself in the water.


the nrs ultra is great suit and not that much more money. I personally prefer a drysuit but use a nrs ultra under a dry top if I think there is a possibility I might get a tear (i.e. rocks, surf)