NRS Whip body board

Anyone used one for surfing river waves? Looks like fun and am giving it serious thought. Your experience with it?

Gawd than thing is expensive !
Unkess you need it to roll up, siggest a regular boogie board + can sit . sleep on it.

But Rendezvous River Sports had their last one on sale for 50% off. A lot of the boogie boards are hard shell, which didn’t strike me as a good option for going nose-first into the rocks of a river hole.

The Boogie boards can take it.
Never have to worry about this …

Just don’t get those fabriccoveredstyrofoam sponges.

Good luck catching waves …
Have not tried a boogie board but did try short “funboard” surfboard trying to stand up on the St. Lawerence River. It was like getting flushed down the toilet through 1/4 mile sewer pipe 15 times. I like boats, waveskis and surf boards but getting flushed down a rapid hanging onto something is not my idea of fun.

Not standing
With these, you’re on your belly and using fins for wave acquisition.