NRS Work Boot Neoprene Paddling Water Shoes

I need to get some new water shoes and I like the “NRS Work Boot Neoprene Paddling Water Shoes” but I am a bit unsure if they are good for my uses . I mostly will canoe and portages in warm climate ( mid 80 to 90 ) , I like them because some serious portages and walk in mud will be in my plan and the low cut water shoes get suck in mud and do not hold to my feet. I am just a bit afraid that they will be hot to wear … any experiences or recommendation welcome .

I have the NRS paddle wetshoe. I find them to be to warm if your exposed to the baking sun wear I live Even The NRS kickers will roast my feet while using the pack canoe.

I’ve walked through a lot of mud in my Keen H2 sandals.

Thanks , I was thinking they were warm {7mm) is a bit much , I also have a pair of Keen but in my side they are almost 2 pound so when you ship your gears abroad every pound counts but they still are an option.

I have a pair of Kokatat knee-high, breathable boots. They are not outlandishly hot in summer, and I do wear them in summer for just such situations as you describe (hint - use light wool socks with poly liner sock to stay comfortable even in hot weather). However, to my way of thinking, these Kokatat boots are very much inferior to the breathable boots that used to be available from Chota, for many reasons, but especially in terms of durability and suitability for walking in rough terrain, but with that style from Chota being a thing of the past, there’s really not much left to choose from that’s breathable and “relatively” cool.

I will check them. thanks