NRS XXL Drysuit Sizing

Hi Folks,

I would like to get an NRS Mission drysuit, but have a 40 waist and a 53 chest; the waist works but the NRS XXL sizing has the max chest at 50 inches. Are there any other big guys that can “weigh in” on the XXL sizing? Is there a bit of room to spare, and still be able to use a fleece layer?



Good luck with that.
Usually the sizing from NRS is fairly snug.

Call them up and ask them, they are helpful.

My guess from other stuff I have bought from them is that it won’t work.

I’m about the same size as you…
…6’-3" and 265# and the NRS suits lower legs were so snug I couldn’t get it past my calves! I bought a Brooks XXL with zippered calves and it fits just fine. I can easily wear fleece under it too.

yeah, too tight
I have a 48" chest and 33" waist and find the XXL NRS suit too small through the shoulders for me. If your shoulders are proportionate to your chest, getting in and out will be miserable. Have you checked out the Kokotat King XL? It’s built for larger girth in the trunk and legs.

Thanks Guys
Good to know. I don’t really want to go to the grizzly/king size because I don’t really have that shape; guess it is diet/change gym routine time!


I have a 40"
waist and am 6’ 4" / 225 lbs and I have a XXL NRS Farmer John. It fits fine, but I do have to “suck in the gut” to zip it up. I also bought a pair of Rodeo pants for warmer days, XXL fits fine on those too.

53" chest ?
I think the chest measurement is what would be the problem.