NSI Anatomic Adjustable Back Band?

Looking to replace the OEM back band on my Lincoln Chebeague and these struck me as nice looking. Anyone use one? Should I consider the standard height or the taller touring type?

Another under consideration is the IR Loungeband. My girlfriend’s Impex has an IR back band that’s pretty decent, a Reggie, I think.

Thoughts? Thanks. -WSJ

No opinion, but
I have no knowledge of the bands you mention, but another thread mentioned an IR backband in their outlet store, apparently similar to the Reggie:


No endorsement of the product, just thought you’d like to see it. I moved a Snapdragon BB1 from my skinboat to a QCC and like it fine.

I have a low one and love it…
Depends on you and the boat. If I had it to do over I would save a few bucks and get the non-adjustable lumbar support… You need a seat pan to mount the risers. If you lay-back roll you probably won’t like the risers.

Seat pan to mount risers, eh?
Well that lets out the Chebeague for the lumbar support model. The seat is a soft moulded foam - no back, or at least not a rigid one to mount anything to.

As for the roll technique, I’m still working on it. I’ve pretty much mastered a very stylish 3/4 roll with any technique I’ve tried but have yet to successfully emerge into air for long. But I’m working on it . . . :slight_smile: But that does make a difference because I’m determined to get a roll perfected and would hate to have the back band get in the way.

Thanks. -WSJ