NSI back band

I have an NSI back band in my Older QCC, works great love it, mounts just like my old seat did, except that I had to drill the holes slightly lower and to the rear so the Plastic strap bands would work. Then I attached the bungies to the rear cockpit attachment fittings. then I order a NEW Nsi back band for my New 700, the problem is the new back band doesn’t have top mount bungies, but has two bottom mount plastic straps. well I tried hooking them up to where the old aft cockpit fittings were and that didn’t do much, with nothing attaching to the cockpit rim the seat wants to flip down every time I get in, a real pain in the @$$!!! I don’t see how in the heck this new set up is an improvement!!! Anyway just how are you supposed to hook up the new seat??? The directions are vague at best!!

I used two mini bungies that run from the top loops on the backband to the grommets on the rear of the coaming. I also used the longer (16-18") bungie through the loops in an X and clipped them to the bottom of the seat pan. Works for me.


Thats the problem, the Newer backbands dont have bungies. Did you add them your self? my older band has bungies and worked great. the NSI guy told me the power posts were made for plastic boats!!! ack!! suggested using a sheet metal screw to hold the power posts to the rear of the seat, untell i told him it was a “glass” seat…

Swedge that sounds like a very different set-up than mine. I added the rear bungies myself. I don’t have a power post on my band. I added mine in December, not that long ago.


I talked with the NSI guy its supposed to be an IMPROVEMENT!! L but they did say They would put bungies on it if i had asked, well I assumed it would be like my Last NSI back band, same make & model!!!

NSI mod
You are an airframe mechanic, so you should be able to handle this!

With a lot of stretching and grunting you can remove the neoprene cover from the plastic base. Trust me on this - it went on this way during manufacture, it will come off as well.

With the base exposed, you can add your own bungie loops (otherwise known as cable clamps) using a SS truss-head screw and lock nut. Put 'em anywhere you want. Drill carefully. If you use 3/8" clamps instead of 1/4" it will be much easier to thread the bungie.

Replace the cover (grunt, pant, ugh) and then CAREFULLY use a small sharp pair of scissors to cut holes in the cover. Cut holes smaller than you think is correct; Neoprene will stretch.

I added a single lower bungie mount to my old NSI touring backband this way, and it worked perfectly.


Great Idea,I was thinking of doing the same thing but using rivits. I dont want the screw heads poking me in the back. on your bottom mount what did you attach it to ( the boat part)? just wondering?

Attachment points
I still used the original attachment points. I have separate bungies for the top and bottom of the band so I can adjust the angle.

Don’t worry about being poked - truss head screws have such a low profile that you will never feel 'em (unless you are the proverbial Princess with the pea!).