NSI backband install

I have an NSI micro-anatomic bandband that I want to install to replace the tall seat back in my Wilderness Systems kayak. It looks pretty straight forward. It comes with mounting bands and screws and looks like it will align and attach right where the old seat back is after I remove it. I plan to give a try this weekend. Has anyone done this?

not on a WS boat
but I have replaced a few back bands on different models kayaks. Everything should work out just fine, after all the backbands are built to fit a wide range of kayaks.

EZ swap. good luck


thank you!
I’ll give it a try and let you know how it goes.

backband installed
and you were all right, it was not that hard. It looks and feels great. If anyone can tell me how to attach a picture here, I’ll show you how it turned out!