NSI Backband on QCC

I have a new 700 and absolutely love the boat except for the backband system. It is connected to the seat pad and just doesn’t feel good. I looked at the NSI band and it looks good in the pictures but I am not sure about the mounting.

It looks like the side straps attach where the present ones attach but the vertical straps appear to be screwed to the back of the seat. Is that correct? I don’t want to buy this thing if I have to drill a bunch of holes in my new boat.

What do you guys think?

Put one in my Caribou and loved it. I used the rear “stand ups” (or what ever they call them). I had to drill two holes in the rear of the seat pan, but it really stayed put. I think there is a bungee option instead. Didn’t need the adjustable lumbar. The ratchets are nice but need some care not to corrode.

Now days I rely less on the backband and prefer a Snapdragon WW for it’s simplicity.

What about the seat pad?
The present seat pad is connected to the backband on the QCC. Does anyone have a solution to this? I hate to cut it.

Just remove it.

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I added an IR Reggie backband to my QCC700 and just took out the QCC seat/backband completely. It allows you to sit a little lower in the boat and you don't really need the paddling.

I forgot to add that you can just leave the velcro stuff on the seat. You won't notice it.

Ditto on the Reggie
Definitely just ditch the whole thing that came in there now. Worst of both worlds and will encourage slouching and aggravate comfort. A low band and the bare seat pan has been very comfortable x4 years for me.

NSI’s smallest “WW” band should be OK too. Mount so it is as low as possible. “Anatomic” and such is overkill

I reused same holes for my Reggie at first, then drilled new ones lower and more centered so the ratchet strap was more level and the band a bit lower. I use the other web straps to hook it to the back of the seat pan.

I bought the WW version which is perfect for the QC400x and probably will be same fit on your 700. Don’t bother getting the plunger they sell keep it simple. I drilled the vertical posts to seat pan but after two years one of them did come loose and I went to a bigger size screw. So far, no problems.

You don’t have to go with NSI, there are others like IR that are good options. Just keep to the WW size.

The seat pad/back thing is a joke. I cut the seat from back and it makes a comfy gel seat. throw away the back band portion.

Bigger backbands
Everyone here seems to say to get the small ones. Is there a reason? I am almost 50, don’t paddle in rough water, seldom wear my spray skirt and have only practiced deep water entries. I would like all the comfort I can get.

Please educate me on the downsides of the larger backbands.


Yes -They’re not backrests like a chair
They are for hip support and boat control/contact - not to lean on, lay back on, etc.

Low/narrow bands offer more than enough support - allow better rotation - easier laybacks - are more out of the way geting in and out.

If you are using the backband for higher support- like a chair back or sling - your technique will be impaired and you’re back will suffer more over the long term - even if it may feel better to you in the short term.

Totally agree with Greyak
I tried it both ways and with advice from this board mounted the bottom of the backband as close to the back lip of the seat pan. You will get better support for the long haul. If you are doing torso rotation and pumping your legs through your forward stroke you’ll feel a big the difference in a smaller ww style band and mounting it to support hip bones.

Almost 50!!!
There are a LOT of over 50, over 60 and over 70 paddlers here. Unless you are fishing in a SOT it is better to strengthen your abs and paddle erect.

With good form the main purpose of a backband is to keep your butt from sliding off the back of the seat.