Nu-Canoe ?

Has anyone ever heard anything good or bad about this craft? Ran into an article and sounds really like it could work as both a kayak and canoe.

it’s a biggun
Wide and heavy. But looks to be quite stable. It’s short, so don’t look to break any speed records. Versatile setup.

So if the weight isn’t a factor ( consider loading and unloading from your vehicle), then it might be a good rig to consider.

Think about this if you are going to
paddle this thing tandem

Look at how close the paddlers are. It is required to paddle absolutely in unison and for the stern paddler not to whack the bow paddler in the head or drip over them.

Looks like a divorce boat to me

I cannot imagine how long a paddle you would need to double blade a 42 inch wide beast solo… Ten feet?

BTW I am not impressed with a company that does not put its models in PFD’s. Note only the kids have them. What kind of message does that send?

My neighbor’s kids have one.
It is a beast,but good for the fishing they do.

“High performance paddling”
…sez they. Ain’t marketing a wonderful thing?

'Bout the only thing I see high performance about 'em is they seem easy to get back into. Might be good for the “balance challenged”.

if you want a fish nor fowl…
get a Rob Roy (Bell). This is a hard-to-tip not much of either.