Nucanoe Frontier?

Whats your thought on these? how do they handle wind and waves on open lakes? Looking at getting wet? I like the idea of them and how they are for customization. Wish they were a little longer but I could deal with it.

Any of you own one or had a chance to use one? I would be buying in the dark since no one retails them around here. Looking for some good reviews or first hand knowledge. Thanks

Friend has one
A friend of mine has one and he absolutely loves it. It’s good for him because he takes his young daughter out with him. Super stable. Have you looked at the Jackson Kayak line? I have a coosa and love it.

They’re Good Boats
I have used 10’ and 12’ NuCanoes for slow-river paddling, including upriver paddles, cruising thru rocks, river cleanups in faster water, etc. They handle Class I rapids like a raft. They are very maneuverable, ridiculously stable and quite unsinkable. I had a 12’ out on a whitewater section of the French Broad and while it got stuck a lot (and got completely full of water once), it did not flip or go under.

They’re wider than any other kayak, so get the NuCanoe paddles.