Nucanoe Mystery???

Does anuone have any expierence with the hybrid “Nucanoe” boats. I would be using it for fishing. My concerns are the obvious: usability, speed and tracking, weight issues (carrying and capacity), ability to rig for fishing, and the pros / cons of using the 10 ft model vs. the 12 ft model. Any info would be helpful.

Get a Tarpon. You’ll find those on the water 3000:1 over a Nucanoe.

Easy to setup
By looking at the NuCanoe it looks super easy to rig for fishing so I have to say would be a non issue. Cn’t say about paddling one as I have never tried one before. I know are outfitter has a 10ft and 12ft in stock but when I was looking for a fishing kayak they didn’t have them at the time I was going to buy or I would of tried one out.

I know YouTube has plenty of vids of the NuCanoe so should be fairly easy to see what it does. It don’t look too hard to paddle thats for sure and stability and carrying stuff looks to be excellent as well. Speed I would think is like most 10 foot SOT kayaks as it won’t be the fastest thing in the water but for shorter distances of a mile or two I can’t see it causing a problem.

They look like they would be great for fishing and that swivel seat setup looks awesome.

I currently use the Emotion Stealth to do my fishing out of and my brother actually has a Tarpon 100 that he fishes with. We both like that brands we are currently using. I’m 5’10" and 230lbs and the Emotion Stealth has no problems with that weight at all. I have plenty of room to to stretch out and the built in seat setup is very comfortable (thought it wouldn’t be til I tried it and its great and easy on my rear and back)

Never tried one
But it’s pretty easy to evaluate, from the info available.

First - it’s heavy…77lbs for the twelve footer. A comparable canoe (size and price) would be closer to 40lbs or less and typical recreational kayak only 50lbs or less - even in the heaviest plastic layup.

Second - it’s got to be relatively slow, base on the short length and length-to-width ratio.

On the other hand, it does look like it would be easy to be comfortable (as in a feeling of security) on the water in, and it probably doesn’t have the potential swamping issues of a regular canoe. And it wouldn’t be quite as effected by the wind as a canoe - although more so than a SOT or a SINK.

Personally - if I were going that route, I would opt for a regular canoe for most use and I would consider SOT or SINK if I expected to be out in the open with a lot of wind.

To me, the Nu-Canoe seems too specialized and too heavy. But you could do worse, I think.

was just crusing eBay and …
… came across this , ebay # 190433497485 .

A Nu-Canoe … ha , it’s new alright .

Looks to be a rotomoulded tub that will float well if nothing else … I just can’t believe the price for all that you get !!

On the other hand this eBay canoe (Souris River) caught my eye for what it is and what it can do , although I wouldn’t pay for it (and not a big fan of the look) I’d love to use and paddle it , I guess I might think it’s worth the asking price … eBay # 110576572090 .

Le Tigre SR Quetico
I’d buy it, if I was near it. Not a bad deal on a pretty versatile and lightweight boat - assuming the condition is accurately described. And the Le Tigre layup is different, but not hard to look at, IMO.

I can’t see paying $1400+ for a “canoe” that weighs in at 77lbs+ and is pretty much a “barge” though (Nu-Canoe). But their cheaper models are not unreasonable for their target market, IMO.

Looks like a great row boat.
I’m going to try one at the local dealership as soon as he gets the oar riggers in for it.

If it is self bailing or can be rowed swamped, I think it would be a great surf boat as well.

Surf boat?
Frank, you should know better than that!

BTW, it’s not self bailing.

I meant surf rowing boat
I didn’t know it was not self bailing. I thought all sit on tops were. I guess I’ll have to figure out how to put oars on the Tarpon.

I stand corrected, I think.
So - I guess the Nu-Canoe is classed as a SOT? It seems different from others to me, in that it has more open area within than SOTs I am familiar with. And I thought SOTs were all were self-bailing. The Nu looks like it could hold a considerable amount of water - although the thick and hollow hull might keep it from being swamped to unmanageably.

To me, the Nu Canoe looks more like a somewhat short and wide canoe with very low shear and a very thick hull (higher flotation, but smaller capacity). SOTs I have looked at are all much lighter in comparable lengths too, BTW.

Don’t judge a book by it’s cover…

When I first saw a NuCanoe I thought that it was going to be an unbearable pig to paddle. I hopped in a 10’ boat and was pleasantly shocked. No, it’s not a touring boat but it does paddle better than most 12’ boats that I’ve ever paddled. The 12’er is even better.

For fishing inland rivers, small lakes and ponds it’s great! There’s a gazillion ways to rig it and even accepts a motor if you choose to go that route. I would not take it out on open water or through surf.

With the fishing seat installed it is by far the most comfortable boat that I own to fish out of (and I have many canoes and kayaks).

Test paddle one. You might be suprised.

I have a 10’ Nucanoe which I use for fishing. I paddled it for amost a year and then got a small trolling motor. I can’t say enough good about it. My older son also uses it some and really likes it. Of course we are both fishermen. I do plan on a 3 day river trip down the Brazos next Spring. My son sometimes takes his wife out with him in the Nucanoe. It is very stable. They like it much better then the canoe they used to own. I only takes a few minutes to change the layout. With two we use the rear square stern to mount the trolling motor. With one we use a side mount I built that works very well. We do this because often when landing the boat the water is too shallow to leave it down and you need to be able to reach it easily to pull it out of the water and paddle on in. The boat weighs 60# base but i leave several things in her to load in my Suburban such as the seats. At the same time I take alot of stuff out it and load seperatly. It fits in my

Suburban with the hatch closed. The nose sticks up between the front seats. My son I both weigh about 175# and the boat does fine with us and the trolling motor. WE have talked some about getting a 12 footer but the little 10’ does fine.

Nu Canoe option
My friend bought a new Nu Canoe a year ago. The first time she took it out on the lake she realized there was a problem…when we took it out of the water there was about 2 gallons of water within the double hull. She returned it to the dealer and they found that the out hull was pocked with “micro” holes you could see if you held the boat up to the sunlight…she exchanged it for a Wilderness Systems Tarpon 100 (also comes in other lengths), a loves it!!! Check it out…good luck.


Nu canoe
To me its a open deck canoe, and not a SOT kayak

Nucanoe challenges
I have a frontier 12, after a very long and intense research and what i really like to do i made my decision and it was a good one. i got the frontier 12 because i like saltwater fishing. and i like to have a person with me when i fish. so far i have gone out by myself and friends too. both were pleasant. there are plenty of room for two or even three if you don’t mind being crowded. paddling is a challenge if using a 7 ft paddle. so before i ordered a long paddle i was standing up and to my surprise that wasn’t so bad at all. i also used a single oar too and that worked well. i have done only a milk carton rigged with PVC pipes as rod holder and that’s all i need for my kayaking ( i don’t believe in punching holes in my plastic kayak and that only me). with all that said, this is a great kayak for fishing on open rivers and lakes or just a day out on the water…

I have the 10ft model of the nucanoe and really like it…extremely stable and surprisingly nice to paddle especially with the recommended long paddle…very adaptable for different seating…I chose the 10ft model over the 12 ft model because of the weight…myself and a couple friends fish mostly smaller rivers and lots of times we put in or take out at non-ramp areas and weight means a lot when dragging it up a 10ft bank…taking it to and from the water is made easier by a set of wheels desiegned for the nucanoe…I highly recommend this boat for fishing up to class 2 rivers and flat water!

If your previous experience…
is only in tandem canoes, you’ll like it.

If your prior experience is in fishing from kayaks, you’ll like it.

If your prior experience is in fishing from solo canoes…you might NOT like it.

It’s basically a canoe with a lot of molded-in gee gaws, with less usable storage space than a solo canoe, but more than a typical SOT kayak. It’s stable and it paddles okay, but it’s certainly heavy for its size.