i don’t know if any here are owners or have seen the boat but i found this site if anyone is interested…awesome deals on an awesome boat!

awesome in what way? NM

Maybe awsome on the
Fishing From Kayaks and Canoes Forum.


We can make advice for them
Don’t try to portage them! I LMAO when watching a couple try to portage around Squirrel Rapids with them in Algonquin Provincial Park.

My friend…you do belong in another room where the fisherpeople have their hooks out.

Poor name choice
They are wonderful row boats. The name should be Nurow or Nuskiff.

They are pretty awful to paddle, the the rowing option makes them a light, lively, and very durable row boat.

I think it is a shame because I do not think they will catch on. Rowing will never be cool like kayaking.