Numb ass

Sometimes when I’m paddling my OK Frenzy for a while, it seems my legs go numb. Sometimes I notice it while Kayaking, and sometimes I don’t notice it until I get out of the boat and try to walk around. Does this ever happen to anyone else? I’ve got a backrest, but no seat pad. I’m thinking of getting one, but hope I can just get a bottom part, and maybe an ingenuous/cheap ersatz alternative to having to buy a specialized kayak seat. Any suggestions?

Thermarest 3/4 Standard…
I don’t know your kayak at all, but…

We use the Thermarest 3/4 Standard camping pad in our S&G kayaks. The pad is folded to give two layers under the buttocks, one up the back - I pad out the recess under the rear cockpit rim to give good back support. We let the pads inflate, close the valve, get in, open the valve, and allow air to escape until the buttocks just contact the kayak’s bottom. The air one’s rear displaces goes forward, forming good thigh suppport with no hard edges. I’ve spent up to four hours in the boat at a stretch, with absolutely no numbness or other discomfort. Forgot the pad once - used an old lifejacket instead for a two hour paddle - by the time we got where we were going, my wife had to virtually lift me out of the boat. Works for us - YMMV.


Paddle more actively, rotate, and pump your legs more. Prevents that quite nicely. If not - paddle harder and with even better technique!

Thigh supports

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something in front of your usual seating area to give some thigh support.Cut minicell shape it duct tape it for trial then use weldwood contact cement in the red can.

And what greyyak said too!

Seat Pad
You can buy a thick foam pad for wave skis, it attaches by adhesive on the bottom, pre-cut holes so the scuppers in the rear will drain. Less pressure on tail bone.

“Built for comfort” boats sold without
Check out the article by Jay Babina, he recommends “the dentist chair” approach, i.e., give your hips, butt, and legs more support, angle the seat correctly, etc. I can tell you it has made a world of difference both in comfort and boat control, rolling, etc.

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numb ass
Hey jim3727,

Is this another one of those advantages of a kayak that makes it so much more versatile than a canoe???

I haven’t even thought about numb
anything since I switched to canoes, butthey don’t do well in the surf.

thermarest seat pad
-theyre usually $20 but i got mine for $10 on sale at works best for me

Excellent suggestions all around!
Great article Evans, and the information about getting your body to be more of a kayaker’s kind of goes along with what Greyak says about technique. I know I am not flexible enough, so I am going to work on that, and any articles you can direct me to on those techniques you were talking about would be much appreciated, Greyak! In addition to working on my technique, I’m going to try the Thermarest like several of you suggested.

Thanks to all!

Who you
calling a numb ass? :slight_smile:

Other padding
If you can’t find a seat pad to fit your kayak, you can buy 1/4" neoprene and cut it to size/shape with scissors. Use Barge Cement to glue it in place. It is very easy to work with.

If you prefer something more slippery, you can buy 1/4" minicell foam and do the same. Thicker varieties of minicell have to be shaped with sandpaper or DragonSkin, but the thin stuff will bend to conform.

I use a
foam hunting seat. For what it cost it works great. Have seen some problems with numb legs of paddlers. I think the going suggestion was a rollled towel under your thighs or some other similar padding.

I used minicell on one of my boat seats
NRS sells 1/2" thick minicell pads (12"x10") with adhesive backing on one side.

Peel, stick, sit.

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The sun shines brighter,

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