numb butt

Hi folks. I’m new here and pretty new to paddling. I have a wenonah vagabond with a web seat.

My problem is that the seat isn’t very comfortable. It’s great in the first hour. I start to get pretty uncomfortable after two hours and by three hours I’m in pain. Real pain.

I bought a gel cushion that is actually made for a kayak. It’s a little better but hardly at all. But then again, I’m a pretty big guy, 6’1" and 225lb. I’m sure that has something to do with it.

Can I replace this seat with something more comfortable?

tilt and height?

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Does your seat have any tilt? Maybe you could drop the front edge slightly to reduce any pressure there?

Does your seat seem really low? Maybe raising your seat and creating more leg room would make the seat more comfortable, or at least allow you to shift into more positions? (Note though that raising your seat will make your canoe less stable).

You can also try kneeling, and maybe by the time your feet or kness go numb your butt will have recovered.

G'luck, PY.

Thanks for the reply. I do have a seat that tips. I’ll give that a try next time I’m out. I haven’t given that a try yet. Due to a leg injury I can’t kneel so that’s probably why I hadn’t thought of that.