Nut Access

I need to remove the seat from my Ellesmere and wonder how the heck you get to those nuts toward the bow.(the ones that attach the seat to he underside of the hull) The rear two were easy enough but no way I can see or get a socket it on it.

I thought of a dental mirror to see but still need a third and smaller hand to put something on it to stop it from spinning while my fourth hand unscrews from the top outside.

I feel your pain
Even more fun to reinstall. All I can offer is maybe a call to the factory or browse through the tools of Snap-On etc. Sooner or later, you will find something that works, (with a small-handed friend’s help maybe?)

Thank You
A flexible hose clamp driver will do the trick along with a dental mirror

You might not need the dental mirror

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Usually, you can feel the nut if you turn the bolt. When things line up, the tool will slip onto the nut, and then when you continue to turn from above, the unit loosens.

You may need a thin wall socket. The flexible drivers have a limited amount of torque that can be applied. For my seat, a long handled, offset, box end wrench worked. You just need a grip on it since you can turn if from above. May need some bubble gum to hold it for reinstallation. Good luck.

It can be done
I have removed and replaced the seat on my Ellesmere.I turned it upside down on sawhorses,a strong light inside and used a small socket wrench … It’s a PITA but it can be done (You just have to find the right combination of swear words)… having it upside down is the key.

You should take it out to see if the seat pan is abrading the floor…mine was and needed a fibreglass patch on the wear area.I also added a small glass patch to strengthen the area where the seat hangar bolts went through the deck beside the coaming. It wasn’t damaged there but I figured the extra strength wouldn’t hurt.


Nut Access
I have access to nuts all the time. We paddle together. Ever seen those cans of mixed nuts? Yep, that’s us.

Sorry, couldn’t resist.

one word

I thought…
I thought this thread was going to be about wet-suit / dry-suit “P zippers”.


PITA nuts
Vice-Grip makes a handy set of locking long-nose pliers in a 4" size. These can be atached to a handle and the nut held securely while you blindly try to hit the bolt.

Oh, you want to place a washer on the bolt as well? Stick it to the nut with crazy glue first.

Been there, done that.


PS: Holding your tongue juuuuussst right helps.

nut access
Cf. the drysuit thread. Some there recommend a drop seat. I recommend a fly.

I recommend against FG for inside
patching, especially in an area where wear or stress may occur, producing loose glass fibers. Kevlar is good for an inside patch, or polyester or Nylon cloth if you can get it.

Double Nuts

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I removed the seat because I had a feeling the bottom of the seat was wearing through the hull from the inside. The mirror and flexible shaft driver worked perfect for removal but now I have a second repair.

The foam attached to the bottom of the seat was full of sand and small jagged pebbles and had almost worn through the hull. Even a thorough washing after every trip could not have prevent this from happening because water would have only pushed the grit under the foam.

Not a problem, I have done fiberglass work before and have a little time to learn up on gel coat repair. Good thing I did this today instead of later as I was going out on a NYD paddle.

When the seat goes back in, it will be done with frequent removal considered.

When I re-installed my seat I left out the washers between the seat bracket and coaming so the seat would set a little higher off the floor hopefully preventing further wear but it’s a good idea to plan on inspecting under there every 3 or 4 seasons just to be sure.

Boreal is closed of course, butt, I wonder if they have a different seat? The verticle side pieces that form the U and adjoin the bottom of the hull must have structual value. This makes sense because that is about the point my hands would be lifting out of or lowering into the boat. If not I could go with some other type seat.

I want that seat out about once a month because the amount of grit and trash I found under there could accumulate on one beach trip, not a season.