NW Pursuit thoughts?

-- Last Updated: Jun-01-08 11:41 AM EST --

Has anyone paddled the Northwest Pursuit boat? I see some reviews online here for an "XL" model, which I would probably be interested in - anyone else?

Here is the current one:


What would be a reasonable used price for the plastic version in very good condition?

Any input? Thanks!

Plastic version?
I’m not real up to date on NW but I don’t think they do plastic.

There’s one on Craigslist not too far from where I am. Asking just under $1,000, which seems a bit high for a used plastic, unless it is almost brand new. Or if it is glass then the price is really good -:wink: but it looks plastic on the photo and weighs appropriately per the post. I can’t find the new price either, so I wanted to get an idea what I should be looking for …

Thanks for the other reply too. I don’t necessarily need storage room, but need foot room -;(

NW has some great designs, but their execution left something to be desired. Check it out very carefully.

Years ago, I bought a new poly Synergy. Great design. The plastic version was no frills. The plastic was not great. It had a rough texture to it and despite careful handling, was prone to oil canning. A friend bought the Carbon version of the Synergy. Beautiful boat, lay-up was nice but it had some serious quality control issues in the attachment of the coaming at both the hatch and cockpit locations. This boat was ultimately replaced with a Kevlar boat.

Bottomline, don’t rule out NW as they have some nice designs… but be sure to inspect it carefully.