NY law change re drunken boaters

Yay - starting in November NY judges can link penalties for boating while intoxicated with prior DWI or driving-while-ability-impaired offenses. And a several year look-back. Works as long as the Sheriff’s departments write and record the on water tickets.


should be the same as driving on the road and linked so you lose your license while operating any watercraft with power on the water. Guy was probably killed by hit and run driver on the water this week in Long Island bay.

If the citations are equal…
it should go to that. Since it would be at least a second offense, the DUI/DWI in a car, that kicked off the look back to start in most cases. With this starting in November, it’ll be months before it works in the opposite direction outside of working fishermen.

I hope they have better enforcement
than SC. There are very few DNR wardens on our waterways. Sort of like Highway Patrolmen.