NYC polluting the Esopus Creek

Perhaps now they will have to stop sending their junk downstream. It has really wrecked havoc, creating sandbars, flats and islands. Estimates rage to a couple of $ million to dredge the confluence of the Esopus and Husdson so the US Coast Guard can maintain acess to the Saugerties ANT.

You might want to consider…
moving to one of the millions of places in this great country where the waters are clear and clean!


Irene’s influence
It’d be interesting to see if the released sediment load influenced the deposits made by Irene last year and/or vice versa. Irene’s sediment transplant certainly created lots of new features in all the regions waterways.

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The River Connection, Inc.

Hyde Park, NY

2010 is when they started polluting.
Irene hit the Catskills on Aug 28, 2011.