Best place to renr/access a kayak for a couple of hours when in new york city later this month.

I don’t think there is anyplace that will rent out-right in the city.

You can do a guided tour at:

Or you can paddle a sit-on-top around in a limited area for free at:

Beyond Manhattan
In Brooklyn there’s the Sebago Canoe and Kayak club that I believe still offers kayaking with equipment once a week. Check out their website.

If nearby Long Island is approachable, here are some nice places to paddle that are worth the trip with rentals. Google them:

  • Atlantic Outfitters in Port Washington (North Shore)

  • Empire Kayaks (my favorite) in Island Park near Long Beach (South Shore)

  • Beekman’s Beach in Oyster Bay (North Shore). There’s rentals available at the aquatic center right at the beach

  • The Dinghy Shop in Amityville (South Shore)

    If you want details, let me know.


renting in Manhattan
No casual rental in Manhattan, for good reason.

The waterway around Manhattan is quite busy with lot ot large and fast boats zipping around from all directions.

To add to that, there’s huge tidal current to deal with.

If you want to see Manhattan from the water, call the outfitter (Manhattan kayak co being one that’s already mentioned) and see what they can do. A guided is probably what it’ll comes down to, a good option anyway so your guide can tell you what you’re looking at.

And if you can convince the outfitter you have the required skill, you might be able to go with the tour on a single “proper” kayak. Or, who knows, if the guide is not busy, you might get a private tour for the cost of a rental!

NY Kayak Company
Google them for info.

As stated - The NYC waters are a place to be careful. Tides and boating traffic are two factors.

But it is spectacular!

Safe Paddling if you get the opportunity.

Lot’s of folks rent from the Downtown Boathouse.

No one rents from the DTBH
The kayaking there is free. The caveat is that you get 20 minutes and must stay in the embayment. On weekends they have several hour tours on a first come-first served basis.

As stated by several others, there is nowhere to rent in Manhattan.



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Edit - For clarity, I mean 'yes, nobody rents from DTBH'

And I'll second the recommendation above for Manhattan Kayak Company. I had some instruction from them when starting out, and the staff was quite good. You really need to be with someone local if you're going out anywhere in the NYC harbor area. Pick one of their tours in your skill level and you should have a great day.