nylon float bag repair?

Hi, I seemed to have a very slow leak in one of my float bags. It is Urethane-coated 210 Denier Nylon. an NRS bag. What is the best way to fix a leak in that stuff? Thanks.

Aquaseal has worked for me

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With pin-hole leaks, I've had great success using Aquaseal. I find the leak with with soap and water, clean the area well with the same soap and water, rinse well and let dry. Apply a generous blob of Aquaseal over the leak and let dry for at least a day.

Aquaseal is available from NRS.

How old is your bag? They don’t last
very long.

No, mine haven’t lasted longer than ten
or twenty years.

They do last long, with some care and attention. In addition to Aquaseal, I use Seamgrip, which is thinner and penetrates the nylon more easily.

The hole is cut…
about 1/4" long, like it was cut by something. The bags are 3 years old and in great shape. Do you use a piece of urethane coated fabric to patch it?

Yes, I would use urethane coated
material, and I would try to slip a piece of wax paper in to act as backing so you don’t glue one side of the bag to the other. It can just stay there afterward… no reason to remove it.

You could use Vynabond, but that is kind of a contact-cement type of operation, and I have had difficulty getting Vynabond patches to be airtight on the first try. I would prefer Seamgrip, a urethane with unusually good fabric-grabbing properties, but you will have to set up real good control of the positioning of the patch while the urethane sets up. Aquaseal would probably work well also, and might be less likely to creep out of the join area during the drying process.