Nylon skirt for Epic 18x?

Are there any 16x or 18x owners out there who are happy with their nylon spray skirt?

What kind of paddling do you do? No nylon skirt is ideal for surfing/rolling but they can be fine for touring in decent weather.

I have a Seals breathable Fitness skirt with an optional zipper. Use if for racing/touring in open water, allows great ventilation but does leak a lot of water if waves are dumping on deck. In more lively conditions I prefer a Reed Aquaterm skirt.

Greg Stamer


Thanks for your reply. I was looking at those, but on https://www.sealsskirts.com/sizing/sizing.php I see “Made to Order”:
EPIC KAYAKS 18X/18X Sport/18X (tandem)
Nylon Sprayskirt & Cockpit Cover Size: Made to Order
Neoprene Sprayskirt Size & Cockpit Cover Size: 1.7

Did you custom order one? If not do you know if yours is size 1.7?

I have ordered three custom fitness skirts (to get a zipper) and they are all size 1.7 as far as I know. I also have 2 nylon cockpit covers and they are size 1.7.

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Thanks @gstamer for the help. I took a template to my local REI and have one on order, expected delivery is mid June. Mystery to me why a brick and mortar retailer has to be involved but whatever floats Seals’s boat.