O.T. - Flat screen monitor info?

We are in serious need of a new computer, and would like to take advantage of some of the after-Christmas specials.

Based on earlier discussions on here, we are looking at a Dell Vostro 200 w/XP (NOT Vista), 2 GB RAM, 250 GB HD, Intel Duo Core @ 2.2 Ghz, etc. We are having trouble telling the differences (besides price) of the various flat panel monitors. Analog? Digital? Widescreen? Size? I am looking at a 17" CRT as I type this…

We are not gamers, but are likely to have multiple Excel screens open, more than one website, a couple of different programs, etc. We have Charter broadband Internet service. Our 50+ year old eyes need good resolution and the font sizes will probably continue to grow!

Thanks a lot for any suggestions or experiences.

cYa, Jim

Check out your local
Goodwill store. I have a flatscreen monitor, it’s a NEC AccuSync LCD9V that I bought for $15.95. I also got a Dell keyboard and GigaWare mouse for $5.00. The tower is a Dell I bought refurbished and upgraded with the new Windows program from a local computer fixer upper shop for $62.00. It’s really fast. Good deals to be had out there. You’d be surprised what people throw out or donate.

get bigger
We just went from a 17" CRT to a 22" widescreen and wow, what a difference. Get the biggest you can afford and deffinitly get a flat panel.

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Hopefully it will be of help to you. G’luck.