Oak Island, NC

We will be there for a week the week after next, and was wondering if any one who is familar with the area could pass along any good paddle routes and launch sites.




Oak Island paddle

That link shows some paddle trails in the Oak Island area. There is a public landing off Fish Factory road near the bridge that goes over the Intercoastal WW. Bluewater Point on south end where Lockwood Folly River enters is another put in but haven’t used it. Also there is a small put in on 55th Street on the IC waterway. Google earth has detailed areas that you can check out to find your bearings before you go but the detailed parts stop short of 55th street. Have put in at Fish factory Road and paddled up to Southport. Nice paddle. Good luck and wish I was there with you. Couldn’t make it this year, to many eye surgeries, darn it!! also check out


They have trips and probably would give you some tips for more paddling places.

Davis Canal
Nice little ride if you go with the tide. Catch the tide going in, and there’s a restaurant at the take-out. This is a lot better on a foggy autumn early morning than its gonna be in a hot summer midday.

We will use the good info.



oak island

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lots of places nearby. a nice paddle is to put in at federal point and paddle the marshes behind bald head island. if you choose to cross from southport to bald head be careful of the tides and shipping. on an incoming tide the clapotis is significant and freighters coming into the cape fear sure won't be able to see you and have no room to maneuver if they did. made for a pretty "sporty" transit for me one summer afternoon. the shallotte river and/or lockwoods folly river can be pretty nice, though again, beware of the tides. if you time it right you can paddle downhill both ways, or conversely if you ignore the tides you could be going uphill both ways! a bit further north is masonboro island which is always a good destination, though in the summer you'll dodge a significant amount of motorized boating. one of my favorite places is north of wilmington near scott's hill. the marshes behind figure eight island are a treasure. hope this helps. -harry