oak orchard canoe roller & kayak roller

If anyone has experience with Oak Orchard’s canoe or kayak roller (2 separate items), would appreciate feedback. They look to be easy to put on & take off & don’t seem to take up much room when transporting. I’d be using it on a Subaru Outback.

I looked at those and was about to buy a set, but stumbled onto K-Racks. Similar idea, but I like the suction cup mounting system better.


Works great. On an Outback, you’d probably just need the one; with a sedan body, you’d want two. I found a set on ebay for less than list. Search “k-rack kayak”.

Kayak roller
I have the kayak roller and the V-saddles Oak Orchard sells. I live about 45 minutes from them. The roller I have is the fin type, they also have a magnet one as some SUV’s like the newest Honda CRV don’t have a big enough slot for the fin to drop into.The fin sticks into the slot on the back of my 2008 Honda Fit car. Works well for loading kayaks from behind. Then I just put the roller inside car. As long as you have a slot between the rear hatch and main body of car the fin type works great but not all hatch back or SUV vehicles have this slot.

If I didn’t have the slot I might look into what the other guy posted a link to from Malone with the suction cup ones.